Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Using essential oils and colors for magickal practice

From my own experience, I want to share what works for me in terms of oils I use and colors I use for candle magick. Yes, although I believe that magick starts in the mind and ends there, I also use traditional methods in my practice. At the end, this is the very definition of chaos magick: use what works for you.

For spiritual protection:

I use an aromatherapy evaporator. Aromatherapy evaporators are just tiny water-boilers that work with the heat of a tea-light. Those are small things usually consisting of two parts (it can be also one part). To use it, you pour some water into the dish on the top, place a few drops of oil on the water, and light a tea-light candle below it.

For spiritual protection, I use sandal wood oil in that evaporator. If you feel that you need something to raise your level of attention and alertness, or for concentration, you can also add rosemary oil into the mix. This would make you concentrate easier on almost anything.

For candle magick, I use red or white or black or a combination of them for spiritual protection. The most important thing is symbolism here and it works according to your subconsciousness.

You can also mix them altogether like using a red candle under a sandalwood oiled water.

Of course, you have to pay attention to what you want to achieve. While steams of sandalwood oil goes into the air you can imagine and visualize that you are being protected. You can use that with or without casting a circle according to your wish. Use it in a way that fits your nature.

For material gain:

For purposes like attracting wealth in any meaning of the word, I use yellow in color for candles to represent the mother earth. The story behind using the element earth is very simple. It represents the soil, efficiency, abundance, productivity. You should use yellow if you want to create a sports car for yourself, you should also use yellow if you need hard cash, you should even use yellow too when prepare yourself for an interview for recruitment purposes.

As with the oils, I can use anything related to earth but I usually prefer camomile's oil. I have also used orange oil and jasmin oil as a mix with camomile oil.

For love, relationships, sexual attraction, passion

Maybe this is the most known thing among colors for magickal purposes. Without doubt, I use the color red for those purposes. For the oil, I don't have any particular favorite oil. However, my experience says that using ylang ylang is effective.

The importance of imagination

Whatever you practice, imagination is the most important part of any magickal practice. You can see that in any magickal school, nothing is being done or considered done without the magician purposefully imagines the outcome intended. Therefore, you also have to use your imagination to achieve the desired outcome or change in your environment. Without imagination, it doesn't really matter whether you use oils or candles or entities to achieve what you want.

I'll continue with more examples on using oils and candles later on.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Magickal Arts: Charging Crystals and Oils

This is four part video series from Rob Cutter, explaining how to use and charge crystals and oils. In previous post titled What does charging mean? How do you charge something?, I briefly explained the notion of charging. It is always good to have different perspectives, so here is it. I think that his explanations are more comprehensive than mine.

What does charging mean? How do you charge something?

Charging is an essential concept on almost all kinds of magick. While writing on tarot magick yesterday, I promised to post about the notion of charging and here it is.

Charging, generally, means directing your energy towards something and feeding it with your energy. When you draw a sigil, you can charge it by placing your hand over the drawing and thinking and concentrating about your intention. That's all you have to do for a classical charging.

You don't have to be physically connected to the thing you want to charge. You remotely charge things. The famous experiment on water crystals that Masaru Emoto conducted is a proof that you can charge things remotely.

Charging Crystals

Many people into Wicca and Witchcraft are using several crystals for several purposes. Usage of crystals is not limited to witchcraft. They are widely used for alternative methods of healing. For instance, amethyst is used for treating sleep disorders.

Most of the crystals are charged under the full moon (I am talking from a witchcraft perspective). Moreover, when you put an amethyst and a family of quark together, they can charge each other regardless of the position of the moon.

Next to this post, I am going to publish a video series of Rob Cutter, explaining charging oils and crystals.

Charging and Reiki

Reiki is a healing energy and the meaning of the phrase is roughly something like "Hi Energy!", or "Hello Energy!". See that this word is in fact a greeting and linguistically, it doesn't mean "universal energy" or "healing energy". It is simply a greeting phrase.

In reiki, in fact you don't charge anything. You just use energy to flow through your body and transits from your hands to the person's body where it hurts or where it is unhealthy.

However, you can charge other things with reiki. There are reiki boxes out there in which you can put your written intentions or any other thing that you want to heal (a broken radio for instance?) and then you charge that box with your energy.

My take on the subject

I think charging means showing and trying to transfer your intention to things. It can be done manually or just mentally. I think that although it is not necessary, we always look for something to symbolize our intentions. Voodoo is a typ of such symbolism. I don't think that you need a doll to harm anybody properly. Your thoughts and intention maybe sufficient for that.

So, that's what I think on the notion of charging when it is used with a symbol or with something to represent it. I believe in charging but I am just saying that you don't need any material in your hand to charge something.

You can also charge your tarot cards and anything you use for your magickal practices. I also believe that you don't need to be the source of energy when charging. I believe that you can create a servitor who will take it's energy from the sun or the moon, pretty much like any apparatus designed for that purpose in mind.

NLP can be considered as chaos magick

I think it can be. Remember, chaos magick is about finding what works for you and implement it in your magickal practice.

When you look at it from the perspective of chaos magick, anything can be considered as a magickal practice. The law of attraction, or by its popular name the Secret is also a kind of chaos magick in that sense.

If you look at the working mechanisms of sigil magick, you will find many similarities among sigil magick, nlp and the law of attraction. They are there with the intention of manipulating your consciousness because they firmly believe that the reality manifests is only caused by your thoughts, consciously or unconsciously.

Historical, ancient approach to magick says that magick primarily occurs in the body of the magician. This is something to think about.

With the development in contemporary physics, quantum mechanics offers a model of the universe as a hologram. A hologram is something that does not exist in terms of our perception of reality. A hologram is just there for you to feel it with your senses. In the case of this physical universe (in fact it is just supposed to be physical but contemporary physicists do not say so), the reality is something we accept as reality through our five senses.

We say that the universe is out there just because we are able to see stars with our naked eyes, able to do scientific universe about the space and recently able to see a vast distance via the hubble telescope.

That's it, and this is the holographic universe where we sense and think of it as real pretty much like a video game.

Some of you may be familiar with first person shooter games. There is always the possibility of getting shot anytime and you feel the fear. When you get shot you get anxious. Maybe you are even shaking. Now, holographic universe is something like this. When you perceive it with your five senses, it comes so real. In fact, it is very possible that we are just spirits connected to a software like system and perceive things as real.

And in this software like system, nlp and chaos magick are trying to use human thought, subconscious work to alter this reality. The fact is the reality was not there from the beginning. It is always in an altered form. Therefore what you do via magick or nlp is not something new. You put your hands into a work of change and you change something that continually changes. It would continue to change even if you stay away from it. By engaging yourself in this change (river of change let's say) you just put your vote in it and your vote is counted. It looks like that this is the system we are in.

I have not much practice with nlp. I just know it at a level of general culture. I just know what it is and what the mechanism it offers and just that.

Do you have any experience with nlp?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Methods of Tarot Magick

Here are easy and effective samples of Tarot Magick. Tarot magick is a kind of magick that you do with the help of your tarot cards. Any deck of them will do. I for myself use the classical Rider-Waite deck. The reason is simple. This is the most famous tarot deck and many people are using it. Many people using it just means they are charged stronger than any other deck. This charging issue is important. I am going to tell about this on another post. You can charge almost everything with your energy or any other energy and that's a good thing. It is very useful.

Now, let's delve into examples and my own experience, right now. All you need is concentration and our tarot deck.

First example I would like to give you is about health. I have done that a couple of months ago and it was like magick! In fact it was magick :)

I had a severe sciatica which lasted for a couple of days and it prevented me from walking. Any move was very painful. I tried to work some reiki on it and it was helpful. However, what I have done with tarot cards was a miracle.

I selected a couple of cards. Magician to represent me, the tower to represent urgency, death to represent change and strength to represent what I need (health. this can be different from school to school but the most important thing is that you should choose the card that would represent health to you, according to your condition). If you put them together, what that means is simply: The Magician needs immediate change in his power. I've put those cards in front of me (you can also hold them in your hand) and concentrated on my intention. My intention was to be able to walk. After some thirty minutes later, I was able to walk with minor pain. That was incredible for me at that time. This made me more into Chaos-Magick because this was something I made up out of my mind. You know, Chaos Magick simply means to work with what works for you.

Let's talk about my imagination and concentration in this 30 minutes because this is what I think that made the trick (trick? what trick? I was able to walk and that was a miracle).

I imagined the cards have this power to help me and they are working on my back pain. I imagined that they sometimes work separately as four different entities and sometimes they become one and work that way.

I believed that there is nothing I can do to prevent their working and they will finally succeed. I was not determined about this 30 minutes. 30 Minutes were just the time I started feeling better.

Let's review those for cards, visually:

I guess the most arguable part of this is the death card. Many people that have little or no knowledge about tarot are afraid from this card because they don't know it's meaning. Death card in tarot doesn't represent death. It may represent death on certain occasions. However the most important and the strongest meaning of this card in tarot is change. It represents change. It tells that something will end and something new will start. Therefore, you can use this card in your tarot magick word to represent change. I think this is the wisest decision to use to represent change.

Another but probably less arguable card is the tower. This card is scary for many people too. However this card itself does not mean anything negative at all. It's most known and accepted meaning is urgency. Meanings may differ according to context of your question and the combination or what you want to do with the cards but this card tells you that something will happen suddenly or very fast or immediately or maybe even instantly.

As a second example, I will use the same sequence of cards to affect emotional change. Suppose that you are suffering from childhood memories or something you are affected deeply. In that case, you can use the magician to represent yourself, death to represent change and the moon card to represent your subconscious. Thus, when you meditate on it, your combination of cards mean the magician creates change in the subconsciousness. But in what way? To determine that, you can use another card to represent how and where to change. You can select a card that makes you happy when you look at it.

Now, I have excluded the tower card from this combination, why? I've just thought that a sudden change in the subconscious may not be among your best interest. Changes in subconscious needs time and a long process would be more comfortable and more enduring.

So, I think this is enough to start with tarot magick. Chaos magick tells you to find your own way of doing things and I believe tarot magick is one of the ways to go with it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maosse did it's first job

Only minutes after I posted about Maosse, a quick googling shows my Maosse post on #1 among 467 results.

This is going to be far more interesting than I have predicted.

Maosse: Chaos Magick in action

This was something I wanted to try and present since I began writing this blog. Let me introduce you to Maosse, my new servitor. The above image is it's sigil. I created him with the purpose of increasing my blogs' visibility. It will work through search results so that my blogs gain more visibility and thus end up in more visitors.

This is just the beginning and I am really curious about how it will function. I think this post as a part of charging it because having posted about it adds to my intention.

I created this sigil entirely digitally, using numbers. Then I stretched them a little bit and then a little bit more, using different tools in a vector graphics editor. After about 24 hours, I looked at it and tried to read something from it's visual. What I have read was something along the lines of mosse. Then I googled that and seen that there are search results with that word. I wanted this servitor's name to be unique,, so I searched for other similar words by playing with letters. Finally after two or three searches, I came up with the name Maosse. At this moment, there aren't any search results with that word. Now, it's name is unique. After finishing this post, I looked at it again and I realized my mistake, the unique name was maossle and not maosse. I don't know how I made that mistake but anyway, it happened and it's name is Maosse and it will stay that way.

Maybe someday it is going to be as famous as Fotamecus, who knows?

I want to know whether anybody is interested in paying attention, charging and using Maosse, so please let me know in comments about that.

Be sure that I will publish results about it.

By the way, if you want to use it on your website or blog, you can use this code below which link back to this post when clicked on the image:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Overview of Islamic hawass or hawaas

Islamic hawass (or havass or hawas) is the magickal system in Islam. While Sufism is Islamic mysticism, when it comes to magick, hawass is the way to go.

In hawass, you work mostly with the entities called genie. You can also work with angels, pretty much with the same logic in Western magick, demonology and of course Kabbalah.

Islamic magick has its roots in Kabbalah. It is based on astrology, numerology (this is called ebced or abjad or أبجد in arabic) and demonology. It has very strict rules in clothing, cleaning of the body (of the magician), the room where you will do magickal practice.

It has also very strict rules on timing based on astrology, horoscopes, sign of the person you want to affect, servitors you are going to use, etc.

If you want to sink your teeth into Islamic magick, the perfect place for beginners is the 99 names of Allah. 99 names are used for attracting according powers by repeating them for hundreds of times. You can choose one of them or a couple of them and meditate on them to attract related powers onto you. This can be used for any purpose. Just search for and look at the meanings of them.

If you want to go further, you need to learn how to write in Arabic. You also need to learn astrology for timing.

Psychic self defense and higher realms

A seven part video series from Rob Cutter about protecting yourself from negative entities, spirit communion.

Briefly, this is about psychic defense. When you are engaged in magickal practice, you will encounter a few entities sooner or later. You may not interfere to entities at all since your school of magick or what you find right for yourself may not include the use and communication of and with entities. However, we have the ability to create and call upon many astral creatures all the time. Therefore, it is not only important for people who engage in magick through entities but also important for many people to know how to protect themselves from negative energy, evil, eye, bad luck, bad vibes, whatever you want to call it.

It is also necessary to protect yourself if you engage in doing psychic readings. Some psychic readings are done through entities. Sometimes this happens even while the psychic is unaware of the fact that she or he is in fact communicating with such entities.

Techniques of protection is also good to know in case of possessions or ghosts, etc.

Pyschic readings through astral entities

Psychic readings, divination has a great place in magickal world. I don't know anybody who is not curious about the future or something unknown in the past or in present.

Psychic readings help us to know. We want to be in he know when we are trying divination.

As you may already know, some forms of magick involves relations with astral entities. In Islamic hawass, you work with the genie. Genie is an astral entity.

Astral entities can also be used for bringing news from places where you cannot reach. Some people say that each psychic makes use of entities. Some of them don't agree. Some say that people with psychic abilities are possessed by some entities and they are even not aware of them.

This curiosity also leads to suspicion about online psychic readings. When you request a psychic reading over the net via e-mail, you cannot know whether the psychic person is using entities. People who believe that human beings are not capable of seeing the future without the help of an entity do not believe in online psychic readings because they do not believe that such a developed psychic would makse use of the internet.

I for myself think that it is not a criteria for the validity of a psychic reading. I believe that humans are capable of doing magick and psychic readings by themselves. We are capable of manifesting many things in many kinds of reality.

Sometimes, I would like to experiment with readings. Maybe someday I'll try doing it over the net. I don't plan to charge anything for it. I am not a professional on the issue. Anyway, that's another story.

So, similar to any kind of magic, psychic readings can also be done with the help of entities but this is not a necessity.

What is a magick wand, why would you use it?

Magick wands, sometimes called athame and other times people find this as a misuse because they think a magick wand and an athame are different things, are used to direct energy, period.

Recently in the last decade, magick wands get famous again with the movie series Harry Potter.

I haven't used a magic wand yet. Once, I tried to charge my sigils with a pen. That might be a good example for using a wand. I imagined my energy is directed from the athame to my sigils. The pen, being a pen I like very much and use often is a good mean to direct energy.

I wrote my thoughts briefly on directing energy in a previous post. Since the aim of a wand is to direct energy and since we are concentrated on chaos magick, it is not important what you use in place of a wand. Anything would do, you can use a knife, fork, a bottle, anything. It doesn't have to look like a wand because what you are trying to do is chaos magick. That means, you are not bound to rules and regulations. All you have to do is to find out what works for you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Creating thought-forms

Thought forms are astral entities. Wikipedia defines thoughtforms as:

A thoughtform is a manifestation of mental energy, also known as a 'tulpa' in Tibetan mysticism. The concept of thoughtforms is related to the Western philosophy and practice of magick.

Thoughtforms are also known as egregores. The most famous thoughtform is Golem. The definition of Golem in Wikipedia is as follows:

In Jewish folklore, a golem (גולם, sometimes, as in Yiddish, pronounced goilem) is an animated being created entirely from inanimate matter. In modern Hebrew the word golem literally means "cocoon", but can also mean "fool", "silly", or even "stupid". The name appears to derive from the word gelem (גלם), which means "raw material".

Imaginary friends, demons, genies (islamic hawass), ghosts may be considered as thoughtforms too. In my humble opinion, I think that many Gods and Goddesses can be considered as thoughtforms too.

Below are a four part video series by Rob Cutter. He explains the creation methods of thoughtforms and he also tells his own story about it. In his experience, one night he saw his creation manifest into physical reality.

Challenge your reality, challenge your magick

Here is another video series by Rob Cutter. In this five part series he explains the reality shift a magician has to achieve. Rob Cutter has really very explanatory videos.

His ideas and explanations will surely make your magickal practice much more easier than before. Well, if your deep into chaos magick, discordia, etc. you may not find enough humor in his style but anyway. He knows what he is saying.

Please let me know if there are any issues with videos, I mean technically.

In order for REALITY to be shaped by magick it must first be understood for what it is. A person cannot change what is not understood. CHALLENGE YOUR PERCEPTION OF REALITY!

Why magick works and why it doesn't?

Below is a video (46 minutes) by Rob Cutter. He explains why and how magick works and why not when it doesn't.

There is an underlying CORE of mechanics for why magick either works or doesn't. The truth is, it ALWAYS works, just not in the way you may have intended. But in order to make it work, you must understand WHY it works.

He also shows his candle magick and also explains the importance of colors as well as chakras. He explains the connection between your chakras and colors that are used for candle magick.

He insists on the idea that magick occurs mentally, primarily. Thus thinking creates a change in the physical world.

Here is the video. I'll try to answer questions in comments, if any.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Buffer of time in magickal practice

How long does it take to happen what you intent to do with magick? There is almost always a lag between your practices and the actual outcome. Frankly, this is a show-stopper for the beginner. The intermediate magician is accustomed to this and is patient.

Why is there a buffer of time, I think nobody really knows. This is not happening in psychic reading or tarot readings. This happens only when you try to create something. A change in the physical life.

I am sure there are people out there who do not get affected by this lag. Both in terms of patience and in terms of duration, I guess that there are magicians out there who are already comfortable with this.

For the beginner, patience is a virtue. Whatever you are trying to do, there is going to be a buffer of time and this sometimes serves a purpose and other times not.

However, one thing is certain. If you get too anxious about time passing, you would probably fail on what you are doing.

Try to find something to spend time. Try psychic reading. Call a friend and get her to ask you questions on the phone and try to answer them. Maybe you can develop your psychic abilities while waiting for the magick to be manifested you have casted (sounded like a love spell isn't it?).

Read a new book about different kinds of magickal school.

Learn to wait. No pain no gain. Things will go faster in time.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Magick is about meditating and focused thinking

The crucial element in magick is focused energy. This can also be defined as a state of deep meditation. A strong concentration. Deep thought. Recently, developments in the area of quantum physics and ideas like consciousness causing collapse in the wave function also supports our idea on magickal process.

Occult knowledge has found great support in the 20th century by scientific findings. Those findings are both about paranormal phenomena and about how weird particles behave.

Anyway, let's get back to magickal thinking. Magick, like any other thing in this universe, is a mindset.

If you want to go right into the practice, I suggest you to start meditate immediately. Meditation can be difficult in the beginning. It takes time however it pays off.

Start with attracting something small. I prefer this thing to be emotional. For instance, you can meditate on being appreciated more than the present situation. Abstract things can be created faster than material things. The main reason for that is our belief systems. We can easily believe that it is possible to create abstract things like more self-esteem or more love etc. in comparison to create a brand new car or a huge house.

If you are more into the so-called dark side, you can also try to create abstract things in a negative fashion. You can easily give a headache to someone or you can start trying for yourself.

Some people feel easier with negative things. However don't go too far because many people are very powerful on this, consciously or unconsciously you can harm yourself or others.

For instance, you can start working on getting better grades. I don't mean studying more, I just mean magickal thinking and magickal process.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your purpose. Thinking successfully on just one subject would take time but try it anyway.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Magickal Arts: Working With Sigils

Here is a three part video series from Rob Cutter. He tells how to work with sigils. His technique is very simple and very easy to do. Of course the difficult part always lies in your subconscious thoughts.

This kind of sigil magick is something unique to chaos magick. It is introduced by Austin Osman Spare. When you look at the sigil magick entry in wikipedia, you can see this:

In modern uses, the concept was mostly popularized by Austin Osman Spare, who published a method by which the words of a statement of intent are reduced into an abstract design; the sigil is then charged with the will of the creator. Spare's technique, now known as sigilization, has become a core element of chaos magic. The inherently individualistic nature of chaos magic leads most chaos magicians to prepare and cast sigils in unique ways, as the process of sigilization has never been defined rigorously and the magician is expected to 'fill in the blank spots' by his or her self. Sigils are used for magical spells as well as for the creation of thoughtforms.

In some schools of magick, unlike Rob Cutter tells below, people also exclude vowels when making sigilization.

If you wish to use sigil magick for the purpose of relationships and love, don't forget to concentrate on the positive. Work with something like "Jane and I are very happy together" as an affirmation. Or to be more specific, you can also use an affirmation like "I am very happy with the Kevin's birthday present to me".

Happy studies.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Seeking the ultimate truth

Psychic reading is seeking the truth across time. A psychic reader is timeless. He is a journalist, a reporter who has the ability to travel in time and report what is happening in the future.

Fortune telling is a part of magick. This time, you do create across time. Time is not the ultimate truth for you. Instead, time becomes a garden in which you can be a wanderer.

There are tips and techniques on doing psychic reading. There many people doing this online too.

Now, if you want to hear something from the future and want to do it by yourself, all you have to do is concentrate on your subject and try to go out of your everyday mood.

This takes time and you have to educate yourself. Although there are a couple of online courses, the primary source is always you.

You have everything you need within you.

Crystal balls, tarot cards, candles, special clothing, and every other tool is just to put you in the mood and keep there.

I know that it sounds lame however magick is exactly that. You are the magician and you are a whole with the universe. Thus you can change the universe, read the future of it and use it consciously to take what you want or live the experience to want.

You can try free association to read the future. Take a piece of paper and concentrate on your question. Then try to feel like somebody else. That is as if some other you is in place of you and start writing. Write down everything in your mind however silly it seems.

You may find many different things and after training, you will be amazed by the results.
Here will be links to a set of articles that I find useful for magickal practice, tarot readings, psychic readings and alike.