Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chaos Magick is all the magick you have out there

In the past couple of months, my studies on magick have been so intensive that I even couldn't find the time to post something new on this blog. I have been through numerous attunements of several kinds of reiki as well as other forms of energy. I have been experimenting with almost all of them.

At the same time, on the other hand, I was also reading almost non-stop. I studied some of old Turkish grimoires (most of them were islamic magick, inevitably but not all of them). I have also studied many blogs of contemporary, young magicians.

I came to a (temporary) conclusion: Chaos magick is all we have about magick. Here is why: Past grimoires (which are in fact a book of shadows, each of them) won't work. They will not work because either they are plain false or they are an accumulation of a very personal knowledge which is not valid for anybody else but that magician herself.

Why is this so?

Because ordinary magick is your own power. Period. You can do magick with just knowing that magick is the ability to direct power (energy, will, whatever you want to call it) in a purposeful way, carrying a strong intent or a strong decision.

All other material out there, including daggers, knives, all kinds of athame, all kinds of swords, candles, even rituals are just tools to help you to feel and perceive a certain mood of your mind.

You can do almost all magick concerning the mundane world in just working on it for one hour a day for one week. You will get results within one month. The only thing you have to know and be sure of is, is this: Magick is your own, inner power.

And it will work.

However, you have to keep in mind that I am talking about the kind of magick where you seek change in the mundane world. I mean physical reality. I don't mean about rising on the planes or something you may call "higher magick" where you seek to develop yourself and change yourself and seek wisdom. But even with that, you have to find and develop your own powers, your inner magickal machine so that some day a higher power would find you and be able to approach you and tell you about what to do next. Remember Dee and Kelly, remember Aiwass. There are countless examples of higher beings who only came to the magician after the magician re-discovered himself or herself.

Here is part of what i am up to recently.
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