Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rising on the planes 3 Interviewing Seta

First of all, I am sorry. I apologize for the infrequent posting. I promised to post often but I couldn't. Well, below is a kind-of-an-interview we've done with Seta. I've put my explanations and interpretations in parentheses. And I tried to organize the material according to topic.

On magic:

So far in this time (21st century), as if it was in the past 500 years for you, you mostly paid attention to written pieces of knowledge (grimoires) to learn and implement magic. You should have known that it is not going to work. It never did. They worked only for people who had written them.

If you try and remember what worked for you, you then should realize that what worked was feelings of rush of magical power within you. And that's all about it.

You should also know that magic is your right and duty. It's not only your right or it's not only a duty. You can't pass the exam, you can't move to the next class if your behavior is lazy about magic. You should learn it as if you are learning to walk.

On 2012:

You'r expectations about 2012 are mostly in the wrong direction. The assessment of the Mayan Prophecies are true. The thing is, you are going to have a rearrangement of disciplines, you will change the ways you work and share (redistribution of income) and the way you get educated. And that's all about it.

On death:

Don't think that too much is going to change when you die. Death isn't a big change. You should have known this from the tarot. Death is like an interchange in the metro station. Nothing less, nothing more. Re-incarnation is not part of your death experience. Although it is inevitable, you should not deal with re-incarnation when you think about death. Re-incarnation is like breathing. Do you think about it? Do you try to maintain your breath? You don't have to.

Instead, you should think and try to improve your vibration, frequency about the next thing you are going to have. It's like choosing from the menu however you need to be able to read more items from the menu in order to be able to choose something more enjoyable, if that's what you wish.

On new age literature:

This is lame, mostly (lame is my wording). This is being done by the one who did that before. Religion is all you need to get rid of and new age is trying to replace the religion. If you get too much into it, that means you are not free from religion. Religion is like bad medicine. It doesn't cure, yet it transforms you into living batteries for something you cannot ever imagine. There have been only a handful people who understood the mechanism behind it and could avoid from it.

At any given time, if you are not working or not having a rest and you are not in joy, you are in trouble. You need to develop your cognition to a point where you no longer get oppressed or distressed by the conditions you are surrounded by but to think and overcome the situation.

In general:

The most important thing in this world you have to work on is your cognition. You should enhance your cognition, problem solving skills, ability to love and embrace being loved.

So, that was a summary about what Seta told us in the past year.
Here will be links to a set of articles that I find useful for magickal practice, tarot readings, psychic readings and alike.