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Rising on the planes 1

I knew this time would eventually come. It started last year and I have posted some of this experience in different forms on this blog. However, when it comes to occult knowledge and culture, there is vast amount of difference in perspectives and definitions, therefore it is hard for a novice to tell whether she has been in an astral plane or in another sphere of existence or just in alpha state. Isn't it possible that all those definitions indicate the same experience for any magician in any level of experience? It is very possible. The truth is, there is no absolute truth at all when it comes to a magickal operation or a magickal school of thought and practice.

Having said that, lets talk about a little bit on how is it possible to produce a magickal effect without using any physical tools whatsoever. But before that, let me ask you this one important question: Is it possible that magickal weapons have any significance? Can you find and use John Dee's wand (if there was any) and produce decent magickal effects with that? Do you think it might be useful for you to bring Crowley's sword (if there was any) to your ritual?

First of all, I don't reject the idea of an accumulation of a certain type of energy in a magickal tool. Once, I slept with a t-shirt which I have used in a magickal operation (to fold around a wax-doll for physical protection purposes while carrying it in a backpack) and my sleep was not full of nightmares but there were enough of them to remind me the effect. However, apart from this energetic effect, would it be useful for a person who would take my t-shirt and try to use it in magickal purposes? I don't really think so. Most probably, he will only have one or two harmless nightmares while he sleeps or some mild headache and nothing beyond.

Second, I want to evaluate mantras and similar words in effect. As most of the readers of this blog know, Jupiter's number is four and you repeat everything four times when you address Jupiter in a ritual. Some say that the vibration is important, others say that there is an accumulation of energy in those words just because people used them for thousands of years. Then why, why on earth should we perform a long ritual with all those hexagrams, pentagrams, swords, daggers, robes... why isn't it sufficient to vibrate all the right words?

Those two examples should lead you to think and try to exceed your current perspective. This is a difficult and tense matter, therefore I will not go into detail and force the issue further.

Let's come back to our main topic: Rising on the planes.

After a year of hard work on magick in almost all types of schools and alike, I had some contact with Isis. After a certain period of time, an imaginary place had emerged with very precise details. The reason that I don't tell you the whole picture is not to influence your imagination. You need a clean imagination to start with, because imagination is the key to further discovery of such "places". If I now go about filling your mind with some descriptions, you would get stuck with a preconditioned imagination. A preconditioned (or conditioned in any conventional way apart from self-managed conditioning) imagination for a magician is the key to failure.

Some day (actually night) a couple of months ago, while searching for something in the backyards of that imaginary place, I came across with an entity (spirit? demon? who is going to decide that?) who calls herself Seta (or Sata). I am calling her a she because she was in the form of a female human being. It was easy to contact her although our contact in the beginning was very mechanical (such as yes or no's or very rough explanations). From all the bibliotheque I have read so far, I immediately thought that she is going to lead me to different spheres or different dimensions so to say (some call this a plane, plane of existance: e.g. astral plane, physical plane, etc.). However this wasn't how it happened. We had minor conversations for almost 2 months. Conversations were about both private magickal practice and general information on dimensions and planes of existence. Then Seta told me that she is going to leave me and my imaginary workplace since she (kind of) decided that I am not quite ready to learn more than what she already told me. She also told me that ordinary magick we talked about with her is just enough to achieve almost every purpose in the mundane world. Finally, she added that it is not possible to know by now whether we are going to "see" each other again or not.

In the days coming, I am going to post about the magick that she taught as well as some concepts we talked about.

Although a bit late, I wish everyone a happy new 2010!

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220 said...

Hell yeah it would be pretty damn powerful to have Crowleys Sword or magic dagger! Those items have history, egregorious potency. I'd be down.
As to wether your t-shirt would be magically effective for someone else, it wold certainly make an excellent magical link/material basis if the possessor wished to hex and curse you. But as far as the power in a magical tool, it's a very personal power. Though if I possessed a sword that belonged to some famous person of history, one whom I strongly admired, that sword would possess the same personal power for me as my own hand crafted ceremonial dagger or any other magical tool. Cnsider talismans made for anothers benefit and given to them as a charm or amulet. Hell consider those cheesy "key of solomn" pewter charms they sell at cruio shops and such.

Repeating the Name four times is memonic, right along with the other ceremonial considerations such as the colors used, geometric shapes, perfumes, images, symbols, tools and other insignia. All these considerations serve to align ones experiences with a chosen idea. For more on this see Crowleys intro to the Goetia and Liber O, and especially the Picatrix. I doubt there is much value in these things as an egregore other than the fact that people say the techniques work. Of course you can visualize the colors, incense is cheap, a simple diagram or seal could be crafted, visualized, you can trace the Hexagrams and Pentagrams in the air and visualize them, you can visually invoke the deity etc etc. The most valuuable ritual tools aren't external props.

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