Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Magical experience and everyday life

I would like to evaluate the difference between sacred and profane from a magical perspective.

I am really not sure whether we have to know the mechanism behind any magickal procedure. I am sure that looking for evidence is a waste of time but mechanism is not evidence. At least, I don't seek information about magical procedure and mechanism for evidence. I am convinced by personal experience.

On the other hand, while looking for the mechanism of magic, one starts thinking about a unity of the knowledge. Consistency, consistency as in science. We suppose that gravity exists through the whole universe. Similarly, I assume that magick is coherent 7/24.

Magick is not something you do in certain times and then there is this "real" world out there. I just think that we already live in magick. The same is valid for any so called metaphysical or supernatural phenomena. There is really no difference between seeing a cat on the street and seeing an entity or a form on the street. The cat is in fact a form. Both cats and forms are neither sacred nor profane in my opinion.

So, if you are skilled enough, you can manifest virtually everything, every day. Think about your psychic experience. Psychic communication does not have preconditions to occur. While you may not know when you will have this experience, there is also no certain time and place for that.

While thinking about subjective and objective reality last week, I was also thinking about this everyday life issue.

I am still thinking on this...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sorry, this is going to be off-topic but it is important

I am writing this post and two previous posts with the help of a proxy server because Blogger (and everything on * is banned in Turkey as of today afternoon. Here is a little detail and a screenshot:

So, that means I cannot reach my blog on blogspot directly. That also means that I cannot easily reach to your blogs if you are using blogspot. Of course I can follow you via an RSS reader beacuse RSS readers fetch your blogposts and show them elsewhere.

Anyway, just a quick note to let you know... And if you want to help spread the word and resist to this censorship, maybe you can blog about it. If you are a digg user, why not go and digg the story?

It is possible that I can't find a working proxy sometimes and when I want to comment on your blog post, I may comment later. That's it for now but the reason you can read those lines now is that I am a geek. There are tens of thousands of people in Turkey who are not that geek. And their blogs are in Turkish, targeting Turkish people. They suddenly felt disconnected.

Anyway, sorry for interrupting the flow of Chaos Magick blog with this off-topic post but I felt the need to inform you.

The question of subjective and objective reality

When you look at concepts like intention & manifestation, you start thinking about reality. People defending the law of attraction against arguments like "what if everybody wants the same thing" are saying that reality is subjective and there are parallel universes, so everybody is experiencing their own universe. That means, when your intentions are in conflict with somebody else's intentions, they say that you attracted that conflict into your universe.

My intuition tells me that we are living in both of those realities together. It is somehow in harmony. We live in a subjective reality where all of our intentions find their place and manifest, and we also live in an objective reality where this objective reality consists of other's subjective realities. In other words, when you sum up all other people's subjective reality and intentions, what comes out is your objective reality.

When you think like this, you can explain almost everything. There is a God that is manifested by billions of people's intentions. This God may play an important role in your life as part of an objective reality. We have something like gravity which can also be considered as an objective reality because it may have been manifested by all of us. So strong that only a handful of people can stay away.

A combination of subjective reality and an objective reality which is created (manifested) by other people makes sense to me. Let's play with this. If I go to fight with a magician who is stronger than me, I may fail. What makes him stronger than me? I think his strength comes from the size of his subjective reality. Ok, let's compare this with less freudian terms. If a magician's subjective reality (that is his power of intention, imagination, knowledge, etc.) is more stable than mine, or if his subjective reality is more dominant than mine, he can beat me and win the fight. My plan and design and intentions in my subjective reality is not sufficient because there is this objective reality for me which consists of other people's subjectivity including this magicians.

I am not sure if I could make myself clear...

Experiences in magick using affirmations

I have different experiences recently. For the last two days, I started using affirmations. I would like to keep the topic private since it is something personal but that doesn't prevent me to share my experience.

This was similar to concentration and imagination in my mind, but closer to sigilization. I have repeated a sentence tens of times within a day, three or four times in a day. Then I saw some signs of progress. I say signs because that was only a small fraction of what I actually wanted. I accept them as progress because there wasn't any difference before I hold on to my affirmations.

I still wonder how this works. Is it something like nlp? I don't think so because nlp is similar with eft (emotional freedom techniques) and those are very psychological not very magickal. This is similar to law of attraction because in the case of affirmations, you don't need much action too. Then is this a result of "consciousness causes collapse"?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Magickal precaution regarding financial crisis

As far as I know the oldest and maybe the most important occult teaching says "thought becomes things".

I guess there will be more attention to magick and other occult topics or faith in general because of the financial crisis. I am sure of that because people usually tend to look for a metaphysical cure when hard times hit.

But more important than that is knowing that thoughts become things and controlling your thoughts in this turmoil.

In other words, people should pay attention not to manifest what they don't want. In such times, it is very easy to manifest what you don't want because of the dominant energy, dominant psychological status of the majority. The majority tends to feel and behave very pessimistic regarding their financial status and it is a dangerous possibility to have this pessimism manifested into reality.

At this time, it is useful to remember that "thoughts become things" is not something you can turn on and off when you want. It's a law like gravity and it's valid all the time, 7/24.

The difference between Law of Attraction and conventional magick

There was an anonymous comment on the last post and Ananael's answer to that. Let me quote them first:

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate more information on this subject of "unintentional manifestation." I've got some doozy examples: Walking up the sidewalk to a hospital front entrance for three weeks, everyday I noticed an older model black Range Rover vehicle near the edge of the side walk. Owning a "new" Silver Range Rover remains a manifestation I desire. After a week or so of noticing the older black Range Rover, I noticed that it's replaced by a new silver Range Rover exactly like the one I imagined and have plastered all around my home. Heck, I manifested the vehicle I wanted for someone else!

Another one: An older, wealthy gentleman interested in me, just like I wanted him to be and I wanted him to marry me and move to Virginia. He moves to Virginia, like I wanted him to but he marries another woman just like me. Again, my scenario exactly. But for someone else!

Oh, there are many other occasions too: my brother's trip to Vegas and the Wynn Hotel that happened for him exactly the way I wanted; my sister's trip to the salon I wanted to visit for a long time; a neighbor making a move exactly like I wanted. The list of these sorts of events "manifestation for others" has been seemingly endless for me!

Why am I accomplishing "magick" or "attraction" for others and not myself? Of course, these events did entertain me but I found them hurtful (because of their exactness) and they made me incredibly jealous. Fortuitously, these events did draw me to this blog and this entry because it was the subject of a burning question for me.

Ananael answered:

My question would be whether or not you have done a ritual for any of these things, or if you have just thought about them and kind of hoped they would come your way. In the former case, you need to examine and redefine your statement of intent, and in the latter case you need to start using actual magick instead of vaguely focused daydreaming.

While the "law of attraction" model can work if your thoughts are exceptionally clear, a problem with the method is that your desire for a specific outcome often gets mixed up with other aspects of your personality. The actual resulting "intent" can include all sorts of other information besides from the desire itself. One way that I could envision something like this happening in your case might be that you have enough talent to manifest the outcomes you want, but in some way you feel unworthy of receiving the benefits. So the things you visualize happen around you rather than to you.

If you are working formal rituals, make sure that your statement of intent explicitly mentions you receiving the thing you are conjuring for. "It is my will to summon a silver Range Rover" is not sufficient. A statement like that could have produced what you experienced since the Range Rover did appear. With this example, the statement would need to be modified so that it includes acquiring and owning said vehicle.

I had this happening in my personal experience too. I remember once I was using law of attraction to manifest a new notebook computer for myself and that has manifested for a friend of mine within two weeks. She didn't know about my intention.

I think it lies in what Ananael described as " some way you feel unworthy of receiving...". I am pretty sure about this. Here is a short relevant blog post: Psychotherapy can make you a better magician.

Here, we can see the use of entities. I understand that an entity you interact and delegate a certain job is performing far more better than your intention (I mean intention alone). Although you must imagine the outcome, formal rituals ensure that the outcome is not affected by your subconscious mind.

I turned those two comments into a blog post because I am impressed by that.
Here will be links to a set of articles that I find useful for magickal practice, tarot readings, psychic readings and alike.