Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Magickal precaution regarding financial crisis

As far as I know the oldest and maybe the most important occult teaching says "thought becomes things".

I guess there will be more attention to magick and other occult topics or faith in general because of the financial crisis. I am sure of that because people usually tend to look for a metaphysical cure when hard times hit.

But more important than that is knowing that thoughts become things and controlling your thoughts in this turmoil.

In other words, people should pay attention not to manifest what they don't want. In such times, it is very easy to manifest what you don't want because of the dominant energy, dominant psychological status of the majority. The majority tends to feel and behave very pessimistic regarding their financial status and it is a dangerous possibility to have this pessimism manifested into reality.

At this time, it is useful to remember that "thoughts become things" is not something you can turn on and off when you want. It's a law like gravity and it's valid all the time, 7/24.


badwitch said...

That is a valid point. I tend to think, if you are doing a spell for money then you have to have something specific in mind otherwise it could work in an unexpected - and possibly unwanted - way.

Chad Weatherford said...

or if it isn't something specific, let it be something positive. overall security, general well-being, protection from crisis. "crisis" incidentally is the chosen sigil of the new boss, much like the old boss used "terror."

Dorothy Grees said...

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