Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Magical experience and everyday life

I would like to evaluate the difference between sacred and profane from a magical perspective.

I am really not sure whether we have to know the mechanism behind any magickal procedure. I am sure that looking for evidence is a waste of time but mechanism is not evidence. At least, I don't seek information about magical procedure and mechanism for evidence. I am convinced by personal experience.

On the other hand, while looking for the mechanism of magic, one starts thinking about a unity of the knowledge. Consistency, consistency as in science. We suppose that gravity exists through the whole universe. Similarly, I assume that magick is coherent 7/24.

Magick is not something you do in certain times and then there is this "real" world out there. I just think that we already live in magick. The same is valid for any so called metaphysical or supernatural phenomena. There is really no difference between seeing a cat on the street and seeing an entity or a form on the street. The cat is in fact a form. Both cats and forms are neither sacred nor profane in my opinion.

So, if you are skilled enough, you can manifest virtually everything, every day. Think about your psychic experience. Psychic communication does not have preconditions to occur. While you may not know when you will have this experience, there is also no certain time and place for that.

While thinking about subjective and objective reality last week, I was also thinking about this everyday life issue.

I am still thinking on this...

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