Sunday, November 9, 2008

Creating a servitor: What's in a name?

For the last weeks, I think to myself whether a name should really be given to a certain servitor while creating it or not. While I have respect to all schools of magick and almost all of them suggest to uniquely name your servitors, I don't really think that this is a must, especially if the servitor is only for your own use.

When you create a servitor, it is already indexed in your thought and consciousness as well as unconsciousness uniquely. Of course if you work in a group, then naming servitors could be a convenience. The reason behind uniquely naming a servitor is that you don't want other people to call or invite your servitors. So, by this logic, if you don't name them, how can other people call them?

Therefore, I have concluded that it is the best practice not to name your servitors when you create them for your own personal use.

Any ideas?


Malakh said...

My question would be then, how do you call forth or use your servitor if you have nothing to refer to it as?

Anonymous said...

Very good question. This is one of the subjects I wanted to bring forth while writing this post.

You don't need a name to call your servitor. You already have this connection in your mind. Naming is another conditioning.

Using a servitor doesn't have to be like evoking or invoking a certain form / entity. Either way, there is nothing different when you call your servitor with a name or you call your servitor via your thought without any name. Name is a convenience for you, not for the form or servitor.

You can call your servitor with your thoughts. This is what you do already, even if you use a name in your mind.

Tuyo Isaza said...

Well, my experience with servitors has shown me that naming them allows for a stronger force of action on their side.

The connexion exists per se, I agree, but naming them gives them a personality of their own. (which can become problematic) but allows them to understand their purpose much better. =)

Devin said...

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Peace and be well!-Devin

Frater Tzu Jan said...

Its true, the name is another condition. It is a necessary condition however that can strengthen your work. The more links you have the stronger the connection. You can create a sigil to call your servitor, but then this is its name. You can call it forth with images, but then this is its name. You can call it forth with emotion, but then this is its name. So how then do you ‘not’ name your servitor? And why not name it? And what is the practical reason for not naming a servitor?

Just some things to consider
Peace in Xaos

Anonymous said...

What is "alive" or "living" in the mirror in my entry hall?

It seems harmless and somewhat oblivious to me. It also seems to be some sort of guardian. It wouldn't move from its place and seemed un-distracted as if set in place or held in place. I asked silently if it was from God but there was no response.

I noticed it during the stress of the holidays and during an "altered state" after I had several nights without sleep and without my glasses ( I have astigmatism.)

I seemed to move out and back into the mirror as if held there. I was very tall, as tall as the mirror plus above the floor, so between six and seven feet tall. It was birdlike or angelic with huge birdlike wings. The wings seemed to move independently and rose and lowered to cover its face which changed back and forth several times from humanoid, to bird, to lion to other unknown creature constantly. The wings rose over its shoulders to cover its face and seemed to help hide it back into the mirror and to hide its face when it appeared to notice me watch it. The wings seemed alive in themselves and reflexive rather than controlled (sort of like a blinking eyelid).

I felt no fear watching it move back and forth from within the wall or mirror. It seemed to be guarding something. There were small fairy-looking or miniature elf like creatures seeming to be "allowed to pass" by i the "mirror" creature". Some of the fairies watched me oblivious also. The "winged creature" appeared to "communicate" with the fairy creatures in a friendly way but it ignored me watching the entire scene.

I pass the mirror and wall several times a day on the way in or out my door or up the stairs. I have tries to acknowledge it being there but I have not tried to observe it deliberately again.

What is this creature?

lukedunne said...

I would personally name my servitor, although I am a novice at this. I would give it a very magickal name, like Star or Crystal or Water.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to, but it's convinient... Personally I like to name them, and even create a small backround story about them... It's quite effective, and makes your creation more powerfull...

Anonymous said...

Name it. Make a sigil for it. Place it in a talisman. Make a written contract. All this should be kept secret and not shared with anyone. Give it plenty of energy everyday and you will be successful as I have been.

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