Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wealth and magickal practice

For the last couple of months, I've been thinking about why I am so successful on health but not so successful on wealth. By wealth, I mean money. I am not alone. I see many people who have been successful on many areas in magickal practice but not on money. There must be a reason for this.

One of the possible reasons I think is that money may be more sacred than other things in this world. Let's go back to history, where early temples were in fact granaries. A granary is a building where you place food.

Today, the primary reason why we work is food. We all have our day jobs for primarily one thing, to go to the supermarket and buy food. We do it with money. This can be a strong magickal connection between what is sacred and money.

So, when you try to materialize money, you are trying to manifest something very sacred, which is one of the causes that we are here. It is food that makes it possible for us to live.

Other reasons might be the notion of scarcity. When you manifest health, you don't cause any other person to become less healthy. However, when you manifest money, you are the cause of the fact that somebody will earn less. Suppose that you have a business about a certain sector and you manifest a successful business through magick. Suppose that you sell cars and you succeed in selling many, many cars. This suggests that other car sellers are selling less just because you sell more.

But again, the notion of being sacred about money holds valid here too.

This is just the beginning of a long brainstorming...


badwitch said...

Good to see you posting again - and an interesting subject, too.

Anonymous said...

thank you badwitch, that was a break and i am back ;)

Ananael Qaa said...

A lot of it depends on your attitude and methods. From a chaos magick perspective, money is one of those things that ties in with survival so it's awfully easy to obsess over the results. I don't necessarily agree with Peter Carroll's contention that for a spell to work you need to forget about it completely, but I do know that if you keep ruminating over whether or not a spell is working it will usually fail. With anything related to survival it takes a lot of discipline to keep your mind detached from thinking about it too much.

I also find that different methods work better for different people. Most of my successes with wealth magick have come in the form of getting much better-paying jobs rather than unexpected windfalls from non-employment sources, and I'm not exactly sure why. So maybe what you need to do is try and isolate an area in which you've had some success and direct your magical work in that direction. Usually I'm not an advocate of specifying means when casting spells, but it's something to try if less specific statements of intent don't seem to be getting the job done.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post/ideas..

dedroidify said...

Great posts!

I've found that working on what you were intending to get with that money anyway is more succesful than money itself. Even if you don't get it yourself you're bound to get it in your hands at least once ;)

Amir said...

Try working On your beliefs about money. I noticed that you mentioned that: "However, when you manifest money, you are the cause of the fact that somebody will earn less".

That's a limiting belief.

Accumulating Wealth is a habit.

Once you have wealth building habits (choosing investments that accumulate interest, Finding steady flows of cash, etc), then use you can the proper spells and tools to speed up the process.

You might want to update that belief and look for counterexamples. For instance:

Addressing your beliefs about money and wealth, because, like energy, they are constantly working in the background and we only see the results ie Lack of money.

Our subconscious minds are where we keep our beliefs and our habits. When you change your beliefs, you change your habits and you get the results you want.

If you're serious about increasing your wealth, then here are a few books that you'll want to check out and study them:

1)Secrets of the millionaire mind ( T. eck Harver) * I like this book the best because the author seems very fond of huna and the laws of attraction. Very good book for magically minded folk.)

2)Rich Dad, Poor Dad ( Robert Kiosawki)

3)The richest man in Babylon ( George Clason)

The most important thing is to have a clear vision of the things you'll be doing when you're wealthy.



Anonymous said...

I back Amir. I've always believed that my wealth spells are 'making the pie bigger' - creating a situation where more wealth happens for everyone. Downside is, I tripled my income, but also ended up employing two staff. More wealth for everyone was exactly what I got... bugger how your unconscious mind can screw you up like that... good luck with it! BB Trismegistos

Anonymous said...

Oh... My...God.

Anonymous said...

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