Thursday, November 4, 2010

Improving your imagination

So you wanna be a magician? Then you should work on and study imagination in all aspects. Francis Bardon begins the education of magick in his famous book Initiation into Hermetics with imagination. Every cult, every magickal order have imagination at the core of their teaching even if they are not aware of the fact.

So, what can you do in order to develop your imagination and improve it. I assume that you have already read and tried many traditional ways of imagining things and events. I suggest you to use digital images and videos to enhance your imagination. Doesn't that sound authentic? Does it sound not old enough?

When I was studying Havass (islamic magickal system), I noticed something. When a new talisman or a magick square is going to be told, it reads "find a clean piece of paper". Now that was interesting. Why would I use a not-clean paper for any type of magick I want to operate on? Then it hit me. Those texts were written hundreds of years ago and finding a clean piece of paper was whether difficult or really expensive.

However, we live in the 21st century and we have access to many different tools in comparison to the past. We should use them. We should use any tool that could improve our imagination. You can find related images for your work on the net and you can look at them for the sake of imagination. If it is necessary, you can spend hours staring at a picture so that you can have all the feelings necessary to create the energy for your work.

I think you get the idea.
Here will be links to a set of articles that I find useful for magickal practice, tarot readings, psychic readings and alike.