Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maosse: Chaos Magick in action

This was something I wanted to try and present since I began writing this blog. Let me introduce you to Maosse, my new servitor. The above image is it's sigil. I created him with the purpose of increasing my blogs' visibility. It will work through search results so that my blogs gain more visibility and thus end up in more visitors.

This is just the beginning and I am really curious about how it will function. I think this post as a part of charging it because having posted about it adds to my intention.

I created this sigil entirely digitally, using numbers. Then I stretched them a little bit and then a little bit more, using different tools in a vector graphics editor. After about 24 hours, I looked at it and tried to read something from it's visual. What I have read was something along the lines of mosse. Then I googled that and seen that there are search results with that word. I wanted this servitor's name to be unique,, so I searched for other similar words by playing with letters. Finally after two or three searches, I came up with the name Maosse. At this moment, there aren't any search results with that word. Now, it's name is unique. After finishing this post, I looked at it again and I realized my mistake, the unique name was maossle and not maosse. I don't know how I made that mistake but anyway, it happened and it's name is Maosse and it will stay that way.

Maybe someday it is going to be as famous as Fotamecus, who knows?

I want to know whether anybody is interested in paying attention, charging and using Maosse, so please let me know in comments about that.

Be sure that I will publish results about it.

By the way, if you want to use it on your website or blog, you can use this code below which link back to this post when clicked on the image:


Anonymous said...

okay. i will try the maosse...
in a few days i return a feedback about him.

(sorry if my english is bad)

Anonymous said...

how charge him?

Anonymous said...

hi PChesini, thank you for your interest. you can charge maosse in any way you want to. I prefer to stare at the sigil and imagine the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Threw this up on my blog.

Anonymous said...

gave him a Cho Ku Rei and stern staring at lol

LeBob said...

Put it somewhere at the bottom-right of my (french, and not magic related) blog.

I've actually been aware of this post since 2009, but had nothing to try it on ^_^

Will charge semi-regularly, with "New God of SEO" in mind. I hope hotlinking the img tag wasn't part of the ritual, as I've tweaked the sigil to have it at 20% opacity.


Joseph D. Smith said...

Hello friend! I am loving Maosse, and to show my appreciation, I just wanted to share a servitor of my own:

Meet Whysh

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