Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pyschic readings through astral entities

Psychic readings, divination has a great place in magickal world. I don't know anybody who is not curious about the future or something unknown in the past or in present.

Psychic readings help us to know. We want to be in he know when we are trying divination.

As you may already know, some forms of magick involves relations with astral entities. In Islamic hawass, you work with the genie. Genie is an astral entity.

Astral entities can also be used for bringing news from places where you cannot reach. Some people say that each psychic makes use of entities. Some of them don't agree. Some say that people with psychic abilities are possessed by some entities and they are even not aware of them.

This curiosity also leads to suspicion about online psychic readings. When you request a psychic reading over the net via e-mail, you cannot know whether the psychic person is using entities. People who believe that human beings are not capable of seeing the future without the help of an entity do not believe in online psychic readings because they do not believe that such a developed psychic would makse use of the internet.

I for myself think that it is not a criteria for the validity of a psychic reading. I believe that humans are capable of doing magick and psychic readings by themselves. We are capable of manifesting many things in many kinds of reality.

Sometimes, I would like to experiment with readings. Maybe someday I'll try doing it over the net. I don't plan to charge anything for it. I am not a professional on the issue. Anyway, that's another story.

So, similar to any kind of magic, psychic readings can also be done with the help of entities but this is not a necessity.

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