Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Psychic self defense and higher realms

A seven part video series from Rob Cutter about protecting yourself from negative entities, spirit communion.

Briefly, this is about psychic defense. When you are engaged in magickal practice, you will encounter a few entities sooner or later. You may not interfere to entities at all since your school of magick or what you find right for yourself may not include the use and communication of and with entities. However, we have the ability to create and call upon many astral creatures all the time. Therefore, it is not only important for people who engage in magick through entities but also important for many people to know how to protect themselves from negative energy, evil, eye, bad luck, bad vibes, whatever you want to call it.

It is also necessary to protect yourself if you engage in doing psychic readings. Some psychic readings are done through entities. Sometimes this happens even while the psychic is unaware of the fact that she or he is in fact communicating with such entities.

Techniques of protection is also good to know in case of possessions or ghosts, etc.

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