Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Using essential oils and colors for magickal practice

From my own experience, I want to share what works for me in terms of oils I use and colors I use for candle magick. Yes, although I believe that magick starts in the mind and ends there, I also use traditional methods in my practice. At the end, this is the very definition of chaos magick: use what works for you.

For spiritual protection:

I use an aromatherapy evaporator. Aromatherapy evaporators are just tiny water-boilers that work with the heat of a tea-light. Those are small things usually consisting of two parts (it can be also one part). To use it, you pour some water into the dish on the top, place a few drops of oil on the water, and light a tea-light candle below it.

For spiritual protection, I use sandal wood oil in that evaporator. If you feel that you need something to raise your level of attention and alertness, or for concentration, you can also add rosemary oil into the mix. This would make you concentrate easier on almost anything.

For candle magick, I use red or white or black or a combination of them for spiritual protection. The most important thing is symbolism here and it works according to your subconsciousness.

You can also mix them altogether like using a red candle under a sandalwood oiled water.

Of course, you have to pay attention to what you want to achieve. While steams of sandalwood oil goes into the air you can imagine and visualize that you are being protected. You can use that with or without casting a circle according to your wish. Use it in a way that fits your nature.

For material gain:

For purposes like attracting wealth in any meaning of the word, I use yellow in color for candles to represent the mother earth. The story behind using the element earth is very simple. It represents the soil, efficiency, abundance, productivity. You should use yellow if you want to create a sports car for yourself, you should also use yellow if you need hard cash, you should even use yellow too when prepare yourself for an interview for recruitment purposes.

As with the oils, I can use anything related to earth but I usually prefer camomile's oil. I have also used orange oil and jasmin oil as a mix with camomile oil.

For love, relationships, sexual attraction, passion

Maybe this is the most known thing among colors for magickal purposes. Without doubt, I use the color red for those purposes. For the oil, I don't have any particular favorite oil. However, my experience says that using ylang ylang is effective.

The importance of imagination

Whatever you practice, imagination is the most important part of any magickal practice. You can see that in any magickal school, nothing is being done or considered done without the magician purposefully imagines the outcome intended. Therefore, you also have to use your imagination to achieve the desired outcome or change in your environment. Without imagination, it doesn't really matter whether you use oils or candles or entities to achieve what you want.

I'll continue with more examples on using oils and candles later on.

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