Friday, August 8, 2008

Magick is about meditating and focused thinking

The crucial element in magick is focused energy. This can also be defined as a state of deep meditation. A strong concentration. Deep thought. Recently, developments in the area of quantum physics and ideas like consciousness causing collapse in the wave function also supports our idea on magickal process.

Occult knowledge has found great support in the 20th century by scientific findings. Those findings are both about paranormal phenomena and about how weird particles behave.

Anyway, let's get back to magickal thinking. Magick, like any other thing in this universe, is a mindset.

If you want to go right into the practice, I suggest you to start meditate immediately. Meditation can be difficult in the beginning. It takes time however it pays off.

Start with attracting something small. I prefer this thing to be emotional. For instance, you can meditate on being appreciated more than the present situation. Abstract things can be created faster than material things. The main reason for that is our belief systems. We can easily believe that it is possible to create abstract things like more self-esteem or more love etc. in comparison to create a brand new car or a huge house.

If you are more into the so-called dark side, you can also try to create abstract things in a negative fashion. You can easily give a headache to someone or you can start trying for yourself.

Some people feel easier with negative things. However don't go too far because many people are very powerful on this, consciously or unconsciously you can harm yourself or others.

For instance, you can start working on getting better grades. I don't mean studying more, I just mean magickal thinking and magickal process.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your purpose. Thinking successfully on just one subject would take time but try it anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Too many people who know nothing about it use quantum physics as an excuse for lazy thinking. It has nothing whatsoever to do with consciousness. Wavefunctions collapse when particles of certain kinds stimulate them, that's all. As far as I know, at least.

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