Thursday, August 21, 2008

Methods of Tarot Magick

Here are easy and effective samples of Tarot Magick. Tarot magick is a kind of magick that you do with the help of your tarot cards. Any deck of them will do. I for myself use the classical Rider-Waite deck. The reason is simple. This is the most famous tarot deck and many people are using it. Many people using it just means they are charged stronger than any other deck. This charging issue is important. I am going to tell about this on another post. You can charge almost everything with your energy or any other energy and that's a good thing. It is very useful.

Now, let's delve into examples and my own experience, right now. All you need is concentration and our tarot deck.

First example I would like to give you is about health. I have done that a couple of months ago and it was like magick! In fact it was magick :)

I had a severe sciatica which lasted for a couple of days and it prevented me from walking. Any move was very painful. I tried to work some reiki on it and it was helpful. However, what I have done with tarot cards was a miracle.

I selected a couple of cards. Magician to represent me, the tower to represent urgency, death to represent change and strength to represent what I need (health. this can be different from school to school but the most important thing is that you should choose the card that would represent health to you, according to your condition). If you put them together, what that means is simply: The Magician needs immediate change in his power. I've put those cards in front of me (you can also hold them in your hand) and concentrated on my intention. My intention was to be able to walk. After some thirty minutes later, I was able to walk with minor pain. That was incredible for me at that time. This made me more into Chaos-Magick because this was something I made up out of my mind. You know, Chaos Magick simply means to work with what works for you.

Let's talk about my imagination and concentration in this 30 minutes because this is what I think that made the trick (trick? what trick? I was able to walk and that was a miracle).

I imagined the cards have this power to help me and they are working on my back pain. I imagined that they sometimes work separately as four different entities and sometimes they become one and work that way.

I believed that there is nothing I can do to prevent their working and they will finally succeed. I was not determined about this 30 minutes. 30 Minutes were just the time I started feeling better.

Let's review those for cards, visually:

I guess the most arguable part of this is the death card. Many people that have little or no knowledge about tarot are afraid from this card because they don't know it's meaning. Death card in tarot doesn't represent death. It may represent death on certain occasions. However the most important and the strongest meaning of this card in tarot is change. It represents change. It tells that something will end and something new will start. Therefore, you can use this card in your tarot magick word to represent change. I think this is the wisest decision to use to represent change.

Another but probably less arguable card is the tower. This card is scary for many people too. However this card itself does not mean anything negative at all. It's most known and accepted meaning is urgency. Meanings may differ according to context of your question and the combination or what you want to do with the cards but this card tells you that something will happen suddenly or very fast or immediately or maybe even instantly.

As a second example, I will use the same sequence of cards to affect emotional change. Suppose that you are suffering from childhood memories or something you are affected deeply. In that case, you can use the magician to represent yourself, death to represent change and the moon card to represent your subconscious. Thus, when you meditate on it, your combination of cards mean the magician creates change in the subconsciousness. But in what way? To determine that, you can use another card to represent how and where to change. You can select a card that makes you happy when you look at it.

Now, I have excluded the tower card from this combination, why? I've just thought that a sudden change in the subconscious may not be among your best interest. Changes in subconscious needs time and a long process would be more comfortable and more enduring.

So, I think this is enough to start with tarot magick. Chaos magick tells you to find your own way of doing things and I believe tarot magick is one of the ways to go with it.


Anonymous said...

I think that is excellent. You may now want to also explore servitors (maybe embedding one or two into your favorite tarot pack), and also explore egregores (google for the corporate metabolism by paco xander nathan, it is very educational). Entheogens may also be well worth your time to look into deeply,..

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm just writing a note so that I can find you again later. I was doing a search for tarot images when I came across your blog. Thanks.

J said...

Hi. I googled the term "Tarot Magick" after a somewhat similar experience. What I did was a normal divination spread and seeing alot of cards saying "be careful" or "tread carefully" and the road will be hard and ect. I decided that didn't work for me. I already know i'm strong enough to deal with these things that will be put before me and right now all i want is to rest a bit so i pulled those out. Replacing the 8 of swords with the ace of swords the 6 of swords with the chariot the outcome card wich was the 4 of swords i pulled out 4 cards that I wanted. Strength, The Lovers, King of coins (me) Queen of wands (her) and after i changed my answer to what i wanted i sent that out into the universe like any other spell. I just did it like 3 hours ago so i don't have any feedback on how well it worked. I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on that way of doing it.

BTW I use the "legacy of the divine tarot" deck by Chiro Marcetti

chaos magick said...

if it's too much overloaded with emotions, it would be better to meditate on it for at least one week, one hour per day. because otherwise, you may have not really understood what you want to happen.

Anonymous said...

I did a semi-divination spread for magick myself. I chose five cards randomly from the deck, one of which would represent a person. I selected one out of the others. Then I did the same with five new cards for what would happen, then when, where, how, and finally why. This way the tarot itself would have some control over the outcome, and I would have some control.

Anonymous said...

Thank's for your article. I have sciatic problems and I will give a try on this Tarot Magick.

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