Friday, August 22, 2008

What does charging mean? How do you charge something?

Charging is an essential concept on almost all kinds of magick. While writing on tarot magick yesterday, I promised to post about the notion of charging and here it is.

Charging, generally, means directing your energy towards something and feeding it with your energy. When you draw a sigil, you can charge it by placing your hand over the drawing and thinking and concentrating about your intention. That's all you have to do for a classical charging.

You don't have to be physically connected to the thing you want to charge. You remotely charge things. The famous experiment on water crystals that Masaru Emoto conducted is a proof that you can charge things remotely.

Charging Crystals

Many people into Wicca and Witchcraft are using several crystals for several purposes. Usage of crystals is not limited to witchcraft. They are widely used for alternative methods of healing. For instance, amethyst is used for treating sleep disorders.

Most of the crystals are charged under the full moon (I am talking from a witchcraft perspective). Moreover, when you put an amethyst and a family of quark together, they can charge each other regardless of the position of the moon.

Next to this post, I am going to publish a video series of Rob Cutter, explaining charging oils and crystals.

Charging and Reiki

Reiki is a healing energy and the meaning of the phrase is roughly something like "Hi Energy!", or "Hello Energy!". See that this word is in fact a greeting and linguistically, it doesn't mean "universal energy" or "healing energy". It is simply a greeting phrase.

In reiki, in fact you don't charge anything. You just use energy to flow through your body and transits from your hands to the person's body where it hurts or where it is unhealthy.

However, you can charge other things with reiki. There are reiki boxes out there in which you can put your written intentions or any other thing that you want to heal (a broken radio for instance?) and then you charge that box with your energy.

My take on the subject

I think charging means showing and trying to transfer your intention to things. It can be done manually or just mentally. I think that although it is not necessary, we always look for something to symbolize our intentions. Voodoo is a typ of such symbolism. I don't think that you need a doll to harm anybody properly. Your thoughts and intention maybe sufficient for that.

So, that's what I think on the notion of charging when it is used with a symbol or with something to represent it. I believe in charging but I am just saying that you don't need any material in your hand to charge something.

You can also charge your tarot cards and anything you use for your magickal practices. I also believe that you don't need to be the source of energy when charging. I believe that you can create a servitor who will take it's energy from the sun or the moon, pretty much like any apparatus designed for that purpose in mind.


777 said...

I agree with your take on charging. I often use the Middle Pillar ritual to charge sigils. Servitors can take their energy from the entire world: for instance, a servitor for luck in gambling which gathers the residual energy from all of the people into that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree. In addition to that, I think the advantage of using known-to-many rituals is that there are more energy built around them for ages. I mean the words, chants, symbols, etc.

Anonymous said...

A very good understanding of energy and energy transferance . The mind is pure energy and as energy cannot be destroyed only change it's form then that energy has to go somewhere . I believe that we are all connected at some basic level so we interact energetically with everything every day , but with intent that can be magnified to the extreme . Good post .

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