Friday, August 22, 2008

NLP can be considered as chaos magick

I think it can be. Remember, chaos magick is about finding what works for you and implement it in your magickal practice.

When you look at it from the perspective of chaos magick, anything can be considered as a magickal practice. The law of attraction, or by its popular name the Secret is also a kind of chaos magick in that sense.

If you look at the working mechanisms of sigil magick, you will find many similarities among sigil magick, nlp and the law of attraction. They are there with the intention of manipulating your consciousness because they firmly believe that the reality manifests is only caused by your thoughts, consciously or unconsciously.

Historical, ancient approach to magick says that magick primarily occurs in the body of the magician. This is something to think about.

With the development in contemporary physics, quantum mechanics offers a model of the universe as a hologram. A hologram is something that does not exist in terms of our perception of reality. A hologram is just there for you to feel it with your senses. In the case of this physical universe (in fact it is just supposed to be physical but contemporary physicists do not say so), the reality is something we accept as reality through our five senses.

We say that the universe is out there just because we are able to see stars with our naked eyes, able to do scientific universe about the space and recently able to see a vast distance via the hubble telescope.

That's it, and this is the holographic universe where we sense and think of it as real pretty much like a video game.

Some of you may be familiar with first person shooter games. There is always the possibility of getting shot anytime and you feel the fear. When you get shot you get anxious. Maybe you are even shaking. Now, holographic universe is something like this. When you perceive it with your five senses, it comes so real. In fact, it is very possible that we are just spirits connected to a software like system and perceive things as real.

And in this software like system, nlp and chaos magick are trying to use human thought, subconscious work to alter this reality. The fact is the reality was not there from the beginning. It is always in an altered form. Therefore what you do via magick or nlp is not something new. You put your hands into a work of change and you change something that continually changes. It would continue to change even if you stay away from it. By engaging yourself in this change (river of change let's say) you just put your vote in it and your vote is counted. It looks like that this is the system we are in.

I have not much practice with nlp. I just know it at a level of general culture. I just know what it is and what the mechanism it offers and just that.

Do you have any experience with nlp?


Rafael said...

I'm a NLP master certified by Bandler (didn't became a Trainer until now for not wanting to teach it, but learn how to real use it). I'd really like to ask him about his views on Kaballah, Crowley and magick, including chaos. And maybe I will (or maybe I won't). His right-hand helper taught me in a more personal meeting how to discover your own unconscious symbols and manipulate them for various powerful effects, project them, etc for great effect, among other things. Bandler himself might have told me something about that as well, but I'm not 100% positive he did. I believe it's just a tweaked or advanced technique that chaos magick calls a 'sigil'. It really interests me.

If you have info about sigils (or any powerful white magick), please do send it to me:

Much Success and Best of Luck in your Magick Experiences.

Mara said...

Late to the post, but agree totally. NLP is a wonderful methodology for modelling systems and deconstructing those models in order to generate new patterns of belief (and behavior). I like to use it in conjunction with Enneagram and Myers-Briggs when it comes to people because I have a tendency to sort by similarity, and use complex equivilency for contexts in order to do it. The less tied you are into content specificity, and the concept of idea permanence, the more flexibility you have, which works for me and I suspect for other people who are chaos magicians.

Anonymous said...

The reality is something we accept as reality through our five senses.chaos magick

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