Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Overview of Islamic hawass or hawaas

Islamic hawass (or havass or hawas) is the magickal system in Islam. While Sufism is Islamic mysticism, when it comes to magick, hawass is the way to go.

In hawass, you work mostly with the entities called genie. You can also work with angels, pretty much with the same logic in Western magick, demonology and of course Kabbalah.

Islamic magick has its roots in Kabbalah. It is based on astrology, numerology (this is called ebced or abjad or أبجد in arabic) and demonology. It has very strict rules in clothing, cleaning of the body (of the magician), the room where you will do magickal practice.

It has also very strict rules on timing based on astrology, horoscopes, sign of the person you want to affect, servitors you are going to use, etc.

If you want to sink your teeth into Islamic magick, the perfect place for beginners is the 99 names of Allah. 99 names are used for attracting according powers by repeating them for hundreds of times. You can choose one of them or a couple of them and meditate on them to attract related powers onto you. This can be used for any purpose. Just search for and look at the meanings of them.

If you want to go further, you need to learn how to write in Arabic. You also need to learn astrology for timing.

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Hello, I'm trying to do some research on this topic and its a good lead. by any chance you know where i can find more info on islamic mysticism?

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