Sunday, November 9, 2008

Creating a servitor: What's in a name?

For the last weeks, I think to myself whether a name should really be given to a certain servitor while creating it or not. While I have respect to all schools of magick and almost all of them suggest to uniquely name your servitors, I don't really think that this is a must, especially if the servitor is only for your own use.

When you create a servitor, it is already indexed in your thought and consciousness as well as unconsciousness uniquely. Of course if you work in a group, then naming servitors could be a convenience. The reason behind uniquely naming a servitor is that you don't want other people to call or invite your servitors. So, by this logic, if you don't name them, how can other people call them?

Therefore, I have concluded that it is the best practice not to name your servitors when you create them for your own personal use.

Any ideas?
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