Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Opposite things may happen while a magickal operation is in progress

Previously, I have written about what to do when a magickal operation is in progress, and I tried to mention how to go about "forgetting" your work, not fretting about it, to hold your intention, etc. Now I want to talk about seemingly opposite things that may happen while a magickal operation is in progress.

When you put your magick into work, you have an intention to create change in the physical plane by using your forces in the astral plane. However, you can't always imagine the whole thing. Therefore, forces you use try to make it happen in several ways, including ways that pass through happenings that you don't actually intent to happen. Let's try to clarify that with a simplified example.

Suppose that there is someone you love at school and you are in your last year. You want to do something to keep in touch with him/her. You want to continue to see the person you love daily. You decide to practice magick with that intention. You put your operation into work and then you see that you have failed many exams and thus you have one more year at school so you can see your loved one daily for one more year.

I know the example is oversimplified. However this represents exactly what I want to explain. So, strange and unexpected things may happen during a magickal operation in progress. Most important reason to this is that you didn't imagine the whole process. If you would, less strange and unexpected things would happen.

An awful example to this can be found in the opposition to the famous "Secret". Some people claimed that using the Secret (the Secret is simply imagination) would cause unwanted changes in one's life. In the perspective I have described above, many unwanted, bad things can happen. The mechanism is this: You put an intention and you don't imagine many ways for it to happen. Then "the universe" or whatever you want to call it, tries to find ways to make it happen. Not all of those ways are compatible with your happiness.

So, the best practice would be to enhance your imagination to a point where you add a road map to your goal. If we talk about that using my oversimplified example, you should take into account that if you fail a couple of exams, you will continue to see your loved one and therefore, you should find another road map to achieve your goal. For instance, you can imagine him or her to be transfered to a school in your area.

Well, the example only takes the final outcome into account. There are also things that may happen while the magick is in progress. You may put your intention and "do" your magick and then you can observe things which are seemingly opposite to your imagined outcome. Be patient when that happens. Your magickal operation is in progress and that means it tries to find the best way to make it happen for you. Don't get stressed for what you see in a couple of days. Learn to become still and wait.

In some old schools, people work on a single magickal project for months. They wait for three waning moon periods or three dark moons. Three months in 2008 would look like a very long time for many people who want instant gratification with their magickal work however this is the truth.

I wish I could give more and more examples about this because this is a very important aspect of an ongoing magickal operation but there are many more things to post since I am just back from a vacation. I hope I can provide more examples on a third post about ongoing magickal practices.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Psychic experiences that meet history

I have always been interested in communicating to souls and spirits from past. Historical places are very convenient for trying this. Well, every place is historical in fact but I mean something more, when you are on a small village with a relatively less clutter and noise around, then this is a perfect place to experience just this: communicating with very, very old spirits.

Recently I am in a place like that. This is a small village on the Mediterranean coast and since it is September, there are only a few people around. I know the history of the place. This place has been populated since before Christ. I decided to have my way with some psychic communication.

Instead of choosing the usual night hours, I decided to choose early mornings and evenings, just after the sunset. I started meditating on the beach. The first encounter was with an old lady, who seems like on her 70's in my imagination. Unlike my initial intention, she wasn't from thousands of years ago. She presented herself as having lived in the late 19th century and died in the beginning of the 20th century. This was before the beginning of World War I.

I tried to ask her about her daily life. She told me that she rarely made her way into the beach. There wasn't anything specific at that beach. She was a Christian and told me about Sunday prayers they had in the small church. That was all about it.

My second experience was a little different. It was a child in my imagination around the age 10. He told me about the everyday life and that was all the story.

Well, I wanted to share those experiences because of two reasons. One of them is that I am always excited by this kind of communication. The other factor is purely for the sake of giving an example on how to contact. Many people do not trust on their senses and they are not able to contact just because of their level of belief and trust.

I told you before that this is not a big deal. You are already prepared and skilled to have this kind of conversation. I have mentioned this in an earlier post: deconditioning for psychic practice.

You should try it and trust yourself.

Friday, September 19, 2008

What to do when a magickal operation is in progress

In one of my previous posts about sigil magick and thoughtforms, Ananael commented on how he 'forgets' about his magickal practice. He said that not obsessing about his magickal aim helps on the forgetting part. I decided to take this further and write notes as a post. He basically said this:
Not fretting about a magical operation in progress is my take on how the "forgetting" works as well. The time you spend obsessing about whether or not an ongoing magical operation will work really seems to diminish its effectiveness, though I'm not sure of the exact mechanism. It's almost like if you hold the form too tightly in your mind it can't get the work done that you charged it to do.

I agree with him and I want to add what fretting or obsessing about an ongoing magickal work just means that you don't believe in what you do. This is a shortcut to becoming unsuccessful in magickal practice because magick starts and ends in your mind. This holds true on every level of magical activity. When you do your work and then obsess about it afterwards, this is a clear sign of disbelief.

On first impression, not to obsess about your magickal work seems very difficult to some people. That's normal too and there are ways to overcome this. You can become pretty relaxed with practice and experience. One of the ways to get relaxed is meditation. You don't need to meditate deeply, just try to keep yourself calm.

Why does obsessing about your work affects your practice and why is this a bad thing? Well, you usually do magickal work to create physical change. It is usually something that you want badly (ok, not always but sometimes). Wanting something so much involves disbelief. You don't believe that it is going to happen or you don't believe that you are going to have what you want. Therefore, since your belief is a strong magickal force, your belief manifests the reality ending up with not having what you want. Because the request sent to a higher force (the universe, gods and goddesses, entities, your higher self or whatever you want to call it) contains just this information: that you don't believe in having a certain thing and in fact you don't want to have it. This is what magickal practice is all about.

There is another perspective tough. Steve Pavlina, who is a self-development guru and also a master on intention- manifestation process tells something different. In fact he doesn't disagree with what I tell here but he adds something called polarity. According to this polarity model, he thinks that it's okay to use your obsession as a force in manifesting what you want. His model can be shown in an example like this: Suppose that you want to attract or manifest money and you can't stop fretting about it. At this point, Pavlina says that one should stay in this fearful process and imagine what she wants in this emotional state. So, you will use your fear against not having what you want at the end while imagining what you want. Thus, you use your strongest energy at that moment.

In fact, this is nearly equal to high magick. Higher practices of magick and especially chaos magick involves using any and every kind of energy. However, if you are a beginner, I would always suggest keeping a high mood and transacting a positive energy for your magickal work.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My recent experience on sigil work

In the last couple of weeks, I was working on a couple of sigils. One of them was about a friend of mine. I worked on general health and mental health for her. Yesterday, she told me that she had a wonderful week because she was able to do more in less time and she was very alert, very relaxed and healthier than before. She didn't know that I was working for her.

It makes me very happy to know that I am successful. I want to share what I do with sigils, especially when they turn out to be working well. I was always working in the past three months. Some of them have been very successful, some of them not. I can't really tell a clear distinction between what worked and what didn't but about this last experience, I did something different.

Instead of drawing sigils and charging them and either throwing them away or putting them somewhere I can totally forget about them, I've put my paper and pen near my notebook. I did sigil work during surfing the net. I spend about two to three minutes on each of them and then I stopped paying attention to them but they still stay less than half a meter away from me. Apart from that, I lit tea-light candles and put the candle over the sigil. I imagined that the candle charges the sigil when the sigil needs more energy.

There isn't anything particular in the making of a sigil, nothing specific. It's all you know about sigils, generic sigil making info would do it. Taking apart the letters that are used more than one and using all the letters only once, I drwa my sigils. Rarely, I add additions. Those additions are different drawings. Not big ones.

I'll post immediately when I find out what I did to make them work specifically, if any. For the moment, I just wanted to share that some of my sigils turn out to be very successful.

Particularly for Maosse, I can't tell very promising results. My blogs in which I used it didn't make a significant progress. There are exceptions, one of my posts elsewhere suddenly had 400 visitors in a day. That was a post which I have sent to stumbleupon a couple of days ago however the rise was later and somewhat arbitrary. Another exception is on a health blog that I used to publish with a friend of mine two years ago. We almost forgot this blog but last week, it suddenly started having about 1000 visitors/day. I don't think that this is the work of Maosse. If it is, this means that it is working arbitrarily. That's not a success. Maybe I couldn't charge it properly or I was not determined enough. Especially when I made the mistake in its name - maosse instead of maossle - that is an indicator of my seriousness. I think I wasn't concentrated enough. Maybe I should try another one.

Well, that was just a quick post to let you know about my latest sigil experience.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Psychic readings can determine your future

You have to be very careful when it comes to tarot readings or any kind of psychic readings because it can determine your future. If you are interested in magickal practice, then you should already know that your thoughts and your intention play the greatest role in manifestation. When you go to someone for a psychic reading or a tarot reading, now this power of thought and intention at least doubles.

Suppose that you have a question about your loved one. You are curious about what will happen in the future with him or her. You decide to go for a tarot reading. You met with a psychic, a medium and you start a fortune telling together (by any mean). This scene is more powerful than one person determining the future with his own thoughts and intentions.

Tarot cards are already powerful. They have a power of themselves. In addition to that, interpretation of cards also adds up to the accuracy and the power of a psychic reading. Therefore, when a person makes a false interpretation of a tarot card, it adds up to the future creation too. Moreover, if the person makes a positive interpretation regardless of the interpretation being right or wrong, it is still a powerful manifestation tool because of two facts: 1. The psychic engages in shaping your future with his own thoughts. 2. You believe and trust him so that what he tells is the truth about the future. Then your belief determines your future.

Human beings themselves are more important than cards and crystal balls because they are more powerful in creating the future, manifesting their intentions and changing physical reality.

Therefore, many powerful and successful psychic readers and mediums and tarot readers do intervene in the interpretation of what they see. They now they have the power to shape the future and therefore they try to extract all the positive meanings from their reading. That's a good thing. This is the right thing to do. This is the best practice when you engage in fortune telling.

Since this is something which would change your future, trust your intuition and don't go with people who are dominantly pessimistic or negative in nature. If you can't find anyone you can trust in that, do your readings by yourself and add lots of intuition, intention and thought into it. Psychic readings and tarot readings can be charged too.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thoughts, thoughtforms and sigils: Are they any different?

I have written before about thought forms and sigils, separately. I think they aren't different, they are the same thing. Now I don't believe in the classical definition of how a sigil works. According to the original definition by Austin Osman and the essential chaos magick, you create a sigil and you forget about it. I don't think it works that way now. I think NLP would work that way but not a sigil that is created for magickal purposes.

First of all, charging a sigil and forgetting about it just doesn't cohere. It's inconsistent. I believe that there is no use in 'forgetting' a sigil after you created it. Hence, you create a sigil for a change in the physical world to happen. Why on earth would I 'forget' what I want. So, you should think in a different perspective.

Magick manifests through intention. Intention is the fuel of any magickal activity. There is no forgetting in intention. The strong your intention the fast your manifestation.

So, each and every time you think, you create a thought-form. This thought-form is in fact a servitor. Your thoughts, feelings and intentions charge that servitor and it does its job.

I am emphasizing this because I believe that understanding sigils, thoughts and thought-forms aren't any different than each other and in fact they are the same thing is very crucial in achieving deconditioning. We are all conditioned by rule-books about magick and they stand in our way. Nothing more. Of course I have great respect for book of shadows in any form. However we have to clear our mind and open up our perspectives. In order to be able to achieve that, we have to stay away from the known for a while. At least for a while.

Now that the fact that the universe isn't created by solid matter is accepted by contemporary science (not that I need evidence for it but anyway), it's not that hard to decondition yourself from newtonian physics.

It's not that hard to enhance your imagination even if you follow contemporary science. It's not that hard, it's not that hard. Of course there is no free lunch however if we can take the time to meditate on the change we really want to create and be patient in waiting, observing and accepting the result, there is no reason not to succeed.

I can't go far with today's post, I had a very busy day and I need to sleep. I have to sleep with many things in my mind that want to post right now but time, oh time. I need to use Fotamecus more often.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A recent psychic experience

I had a psychic experience recently. The first encounter was a couple of days ago. I tried to contact again the other day, but I was not very successful because I haven't the time and opportunity to get concentrated on that. Let's move on to what happened and who this person that I believe I have contacted may be.

First of all, I believe that what I have contacted with is a living person. I don't think that he is a spirit of a dead person or I don't think that he is some kind of entitiy other than a human being. I refer to him as he however I am not sure about his gender. I just feel that this person is a man. The image in my mind was of a man aged fifty something.

My imagination and visualization started in a tent. I was actually lying on my bed in the bedroom. I needed to take a nap and move on with my work. I was overly stressed and I was feeling anxiety on every level of my body. I just laid down and tried to call spirits for help. I felt that I was under attack. Then this imagination came to my mind. I visualized myself being in a tent on a bed. There is this man in front of me, dressed in a shamanic fashion. Try to imagine a man in a shamanic clothing, having a shamanic make-up on his face and looking like sixty something although he is fifty something.

We had eye-contact and nothing more. Than I heard him chanting in a low voice and burning something like incense, a couple of them. After some 15 minutes or so, I started to feel better. It was that night that I started drinking this rosemary mint mix daily. So that means it was Wednesday night.

I am pretty sure that this was a psychic experience and this is also a good example for what I was trying to explain the other day on a post about deconditioning for developing psychic skills.

I guess this man is either from around Africa or from somewhere around the Caucasian, maybe from Australia. I am sure that he can be identified as a shaman. Nevertheless, it was a great experience to meet him. I am so sure that he is somewhere on the earth and is a living person like you and me. I am grateful that he successfully healed my anxiety that night.

I am looking forward to meet him again. I'll try to meditate on him within a couple of days.

I've quit coffee with the help of rosemary and mint

Okay, this is not exactly about magickal practice. This is a little bit off-topic but maybe it still counts as something wiccan since it includes herbs and healing. I am not drinking coffee since Friday evening. It has been more than four and a half days right now. It all happened with the help of drinking rosemary and mint mix. I was not intended to quit coffee nor was I hopeful about it. Therefore it is even interesting.

Since Friday evening, I don't feel the need for drinking coffee. For those of you who don't know me in person, I am a strong caffeine addict. I was drinking at least three cups of coffee every day. Sometimes, this score becomes five to ten. And I am used to very strong types of coffee, like turkish coffee without sugar.

I am now drinking rosemary and mint mixed and I don't feel the need for coffee. Just a quick note to let you know if you are interested in natural healing methods with herbs.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Deconditioning in magickal practice: developing your psychic skills

Suppose that you want to learn how to do a psychic reading. Where would you start? Let me tell you. You have to start developing your visualization skills. Those skills include your five senses. You will start from sensing sounds even if they don't seem to be there. You have to be able to visualize a seemingly non-existent object on the table.

All of this skill development requires deconditioning. Deconditioning means unlearning your previous perspective, or so to say, to enhance and enrich it.

You are conditioned to believe what you see with your naked eyes. However, you can also see anything that is physically not there. Once you achieve deconditioning and start to visualize clearly, then you can try your hands on a psychic reading.

When you try psychic reading, you may hear sounds, even meaningful words and sentences from different dimensions. You may see spirits with your naked eye. You can smell, touch, taste what is physically not there. In fact, they are there however we cannot feel them because we are conditioned not to see them.

Throughout this deconditioning process, try to erase doubt from your mind and heart. For instance, when you feel that one of your friends is thinking about you, don't hesitate to call them. Don't fall in doubt. When you feel some entity is around you, don't fall in doubt. Try to know instead of to think. Don't think that whether you have psychic abilities or not. Know that you have psychic abilities and get rid of the conditioning.

Try an online psychic reading with a friend abroad. Try online psychic reading with someone you just met online. Trust and know that you can do it.

Don't wait for a rules and regulations book. There is none. Just go easier with it and don't get trapped by the feelings like "did I do it?", "am I successfully reading the future (or the past)"... Be sure of yourself even if you are not sure of yourself.

Any magickal practice and any psychic ability starts and ends in the mind. Since you are the sole owner of your mind (hopefully), you can achieve psychic readings and far beyond that.

Please let me and the readers know of your experiences in the comment. Sharing does increase our speed in our practices.
Here will be links to a set of articles that I find useful for magickal practice, tarot readings, psychic readings and alike.