Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My recent experience on sigil work

In the last couple of weeks, I was working on a couple of sigils. One of them was about a friend of mine. I worked on general health and mental health for her. Yesterday, she told me that she had a wonderful week because she was able to do more in less time and she was very alert, very relaxed and healthier than before. She didn't know that I was working for her.

It makes me very happy to know that I am successful. I want to share what I do with sigils, especially when they turn out to be working well. I was always working in the past three months. Some of them have been very successful, some of them not. I can't really tell a clear distinction between what worked and what didn't but about this last experience, I did something different.

Instead of drawing sigils and charging them and either throwing them away or putting them somewhere I can totally forget about them, I've put my paper and pen near my notebook. I did sigil work during surfing the net. I spend about two to three minutes on each of them and then I stopped paying attention to them but they still stay less than half a meter away from me. Apart from that, I lit tea-light candles and put the candle over the sigil. I imagined that the candle charges the sigil when the sigil needs more energy.

There isn't anything particular in the making of a sigil, nothing specific. It's all you know about sigils, generic sigil making info would do it. Taking apart the letters that are used more than one and using all the letters only once, I drwa my sigils. Rarely, I add additions. Those additions are different drawings. Not big ones.

I'll post immediately when I find out what I did to make them work specifically, if any. For the moment, I just wanted to share that some of my sigils turn out to be very successful.

Particularly for Maosse, I can't tell very promising results. My blogs in which I used it didn't make a significant progress. There are exceptions, one of my posts elsewhere suddenly had 400 visitors in a day. That was a post which I have sent to stumbleupon a couple of days ago however the rise was later and somewhat arbitrary. Another exception is on a health blog that I used to publish with a friend of mine two years ago. We almost forgot this blog but last week, it suddenly started having about 1000 visitors/day. I don't think that this is the work of Maosse. If it is, this means that it is working arbitrarily. That's not a success. Maybe I couldn't charge it properly or I was not determined enough. Especially when I made the mistake in its name - maosse instead of maossle - that is an indicator of my seriousness. I think I wasn't concentrated enough. Maybe I should try another one.

Well, that was just a quick post to let you know about my latest sigil experience.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Very interesting results!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Freya! I'll keep posting about my work and results.

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