Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thoughts, thoughtforms and sigils: Are they any different?

I have written before about thought forms and sigils, separately. I think they aren't different, they are the same thing. Now I don't believe in the classical definition of how a sigil works. According to the original definition by Austin Osman and the essential chaos magick, you create a sigil and you forget about it. I don't think it works that way now. I think NLP would work that way but not a sigil that is created for magickal purposes.

First of all, charging a sigil and forgetting about it just doesn't cohere. It's inconsistent. I believe that there is no use in 'forgetting' a sigil after you created it. Hence, you create a sigil for a change in the physical world to happen. Why on earth would I 'forget' what I want. So, you should think in a different perspective.

Magick manifests through intention. Intention is the fuel of any magickal activity. There is no forgetting in intention. The strong your intention the fast your manifestation.

So, each and every time you think, you create a thought-form. This thought-form is in fact a servitor. Your thoughts, feelings and intentions charge that servitor and it does its job.

I am emphasizing this because I believe that understanding sigils, thoughts and thought-forms aren't any different than each other and in fact they are the same thing is very crucial in achieving deconditioning. We are all conditioned by rule-books about magick and they stand in our way. Nothing more. Of course I have great respect for book of shadows in any form. However we have to clear our mind and open up our perspectives. In order to be able to achieve that, we have to stay away from the known for a while. At least for a while.

Now that the fact that the universe isn't created by solid matter is accepted by contemporary science (not that I need evidence for it but anyway), it's not that hard to decondition yourself from newtonian physics.

It's not that hard to enhance your imagination even if you follow contemporary science. It's not that hard, it's not that hard. Of course there is no free lunch however if we can take the time to meditate on the change we really want to create and be patient in waiting, observing and accepting the result, there is no reason not to succeed.

I can't go far with today's post, I had a very busy day and I need to sleep. I have to sleep with many things in my mind that want to post right now but time, oh time. I need to use Fotamecus more often.


badwitch said...

I agree it seems inconsistent to actually forget about magic you are working towards, but I wonder if 'not thinking about it' really means not conciously fretting about it - rather letting it work on a subconcious level? After I have worked magic I often try to go out and do something quite different - the shopping or visiting friends or just going off to work. The spell is still there at the back of my mind but I'm not conciously worrying about whether it will work or not. I guess I feel fretting about it might make it not work as well as my original intention.

Ananael Qaa said...

Not fretting about a magical operation in progress is my take on how the "forgetting" works as well. The time you spend obsessing about whether or not an ongoing magical operation will work really seems to diminish its effectiveness, though I'm not sure of the exact mechanism. It's almost like if you hold the form too tightly in your mind it can't get the work done that you charged it to do.

Anonymous said...

@badwitch: getting relaxed about anything is part of the success. I agree with you.

@ananael: as with the forgetting part, I see that we all agree about it doesn't mean amnesia. It just means a healthy relaxation and going on with life while your magickal work is on its way to manifest itself.

Chaotic Darkness said...

I love your blog and am working on compiling my own research on the subject of Xaos Magick. Everything you have here is very informative and well written. Please keep posting I want to hear more.


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