Sunday, September 21, 2008

Psychic experiences that meet history

I have always been interested in communicating to souls and spirits from past. Historical places are very convenient for trying this. Well, every place is historical in fact but I mean something more, when you are on a small village with a relatively less clutter and noise around, then this is a perfect place to experience just this: communicating with very, very old spirits.

Recently I am in a place like that. This is a small village on the Mediterranean coast and since it is September, there are only a few people around. I know the history of the place. This place has been populated since before Christ. I decided to have my way with some psychic communication.

Instead of choosing the usual night hours, I decided to choose early mornings and evenings, just after the sunset. I started meditating on the beach. The first encounter was with an old lady, who seems like on her 70's in my imagination. Unlike my initial intention, she wasn't from thousands of years ago. She presented herself as having lived in the late 19th century and died in the beginning of the 20th century. This was before the beginning of World War I.

I tried to ask her about her daily life. She told me that she rarely made her way into the beach. There wasn't anything specific at that beach. She was a Christian and told me about Sunday prayers they had in the small church. That was all about it.

My second experience was a little different. It was a child in my imagination around the age 10. He told me about the everyday life and that was all the story.

Well, I wanted to share those experiences because of two reasons. One of them is that I am always excited by this kind of communication. The other factor is purely for the sake of giving an example on how to contact. Many people do not trust on their senses and they are not able to contact just because of their level of belief and trust.

I told you before that this is not a big deal. You are already prepared and skilled to have this kind of conversation. I have mentioned this in an earlier post: deconditioning for psychic practice.

You should try it and trust yourself.

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