Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A recent psychic experience

I had a psychic experience recently. The first encounter was a couple of days ago. I tried to contact again the other day, but I was not very successful because I haven't the time and opportunity to get concentrated on that. Let's move on to what happened and who this person that I believe I have contacted may be.

First of all, I believe that what I have contacted with is a living person. I don't think that he is a spirit of a dead person or I don't think that he is some kind of entitiy other than a human being. I refer to him as he however I am not sure about his gender. I just feel that this person is a man. The image in my mind was of a man aged fifty something.

My imagination and visualization started in a tent. I was actually lying on my bed in the bedroom. I needed to take a nap and move on with my work. I was overly stressed and I was feeling anxiety on every level of my body. I just laid down and tried to call spirits for help. I felt that I was under attack. Then this imagination came to my mind. I visualized myself being in a tent on a bed. There is this man in front of me, dressed in a shamanic fashion. Try to imagine a man in a shamanic clothing, having a shamanic make-up on his face and looking like sixty something although he is fifty something.

We had eye-contact and nothing more. Than I heard him chanting in a low voice and burning something like incense, a couple of them. After some 15 minutes or so, I started to feel better. It was that night that I started drinking this rosemary mint mix daily. So that means it was Wednesday night.

I am pretty sure that this was a psychic experience and this is also a good example for what I was trying to explain the other day on a post about deconditioning for developing psychic skills.

I guess this man is either from around Africa or from somewhere around the Caucasian, maybe from Australia. I am sure that he can be identified as a shaman. Nevertheless, it was a great experience to meet him. I am so sure that he is somewhere on the earth and is a living person like you and me. I am grateful that he successfully healed my anxiety that night.

I am looking forward to meet him again. I'll try to meditate on him within a couple of days.

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