Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wealth and magical practice 2

When I study magical practice concerning wealth, I realize that wealth on an astral plane is very, very abstract in comparison to what we experience here on earth, I mean the physical plane. That makes it more and more difficult.

When you want to work on love, hate, health, etc., those concepts are really easy to imagine in the astral plane and do whatever you want to do with them. You can take anybody anytime, imagine his/her form in the astral plane and then work on that form. You can heal someone, make someone sick, make someone lose his/her sanity and then finally you can have the desired outcome.

Disturbing or destructing wealth is easy in that sense because it has many correspondence you can find easily. When someone got sick for a long time, it is obvious that his/her wealth will be affected in a negative way. However, how to enable magical forces for yourself or someone to create or increase wealth? When you work on someone and make him/her sick, it's pretty sure that you can make them worsen their wealth but healing someone doesn't necessarily lead to a consequence where he/she can work more in terms of business or be luckier than the past and thus create or increase their wealth.

Therefore, building or increasing wealth is easier when the target has an already established business and he/she can tell you about prospects, potential clients/buyers/contractors etc. Then you can work on those people easily to make them act for the benefit of this person. Then, wealth comes in the form of increased sales, it's that easy.

But again, you didn't do anything concerning finances, money itself. You worked on people, influenced their flow of thought and emotions and you made them act towards new business, sale, and alike.

So, in that sense, so far, it is obvious that magical practice for developing/improving your finances means working with other people's forms or spirits or souls or minds or whatever you want to call them.

Even in the case of an isolated island where you have to live forever and you need food, this still means you will work with the souls and minds of some animals, trees, flora etc.

You can easily affect the minds of hundreds of fish and then you can catch them.

Therefore, it's time to remember that magic is not something very far from the conditions of a physical plane. What you do by heating the water and combining it with some filtered coffee is already a magical process. As a result, you manifest a cup of coffee.

When you buy flowers for your date, it's magic. You play with her mind. You already know (kind of an esoteric knowledge) she will be affected in a romantic way when you hand her a bunch of flowers and you do it.

So, if you want to create wealth, increase it or improve your financial status, the key isn't money itself. It's not about turning stone into gold. It's mostly about finding, figuring out people who will be profitable for you when you interact with them and then finding proper ways to influence them in order to make them act.

That's my opinion so far. I am sure I will come up with different views on this. Time will tell.
Here will be links to a set of articles that I find useful for magickal practice, tarot readings, psychic readings and alike.