Sunday, September 27, 2009

What really is an attunement and an initiation?

As you may have read one of my recent posts, I am now studying reiki. As I have stated in that post, you have to understand that healing is a broader concept than just being about the physical body, or mental illnesses. You can give reiki to your country. You can give reiki to the economic status of your country. You can give reiki to somebody who wants a relationship or a better relationship. As you can see, reiki look like that it has all the tools any magician wants to have. It works on all three popular horoscope categories: love, money, health.

I have seen that reiki works. So, I don't need any further proof for my mind. However, I would like to understand how it works. Some people say that there are reiki guides that do the job. According to this view, those reiki guides are of course thought-forms. One may call them servitors, others may call them high-teachers. It might be called angels. Another explanation is that it's only the universal healing energy and you are being a channel to it.

But in either way, why in the world you need an attunement to achieve all those things? Why do you need an initiation? Don't think that I do not believe in attunements and initiations. I do believe them. I have seen their effect with my naked eyes. So I believe them but I would like to learn what they simply mean?

Here is what I guess: Remember the famous topic about the brain that we only use a small percentage of our brain. I think attunements and initiations help the individual to use more of their mind-powers. I am not really sure whether mind depends on our physical brain or not. I am not sure about to what extent it depends on our brain if it did. But I am highly inclined to believe that attunements and initiations have something to do with this mind-power or your brain or your capability of your soul.

If this is the case, is it then possible to attune herself?

I guess it is but not on every subject. For using different types of reiki, you have to be attuned. For some other subjects, you must do a research. For instance, dhikr (zikr), and / or mantras (I know they are not the same and I am talking for both of them) may lead you to self attunements on certain areas of mind-power.

Maybe you can attune/intitiate yourself into anything but it would just take much longer in comparison to being attuned / initiated by someone else.

How to try it?

I think one good way of trying to attune yourself to some form of energy or some kind of ability (let's say telekinesis) is asking the attunement from your higher self. Meditate on it, try to go to a deep trance, as deep as you can and try to establish a connection with your higher self. When you believe and perceive a connection between you and your higher self, ask an attunement / initiation from him / her (I am not really sure whether one's higher self has a gender. I don't believe it has). So, what would be a really good experience as an attunement? Here are some examples which I am just making up:

My higher self! Please attune / intitiate me into the powers of Isis.

Now that may be too much and that would not be believable enough for you (at least for me). Let's try this:

My higher self! Please attune / intitiate me into the healing powers of Isis.

My higher self! Please attune / intitiate me into the knowledge of motherhood of Isis.

My higher self! Please attune / intitiate me into the magickal knowledge of Isis.

My higher self! Please attune / intitiate me into the frequency and sympathization of Isis so that I can communicate with her.

I think those experiments would be worth trying and I believe they are safe enough to implement.

Of course there are many more things to tell and discuss about attunements and initiations, but people are discussing them everywhere therefore I don't want to take your time for things that you can also read elsewhere in many different places. I just wanted to begin to tell my take on the subject.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Merry Mabon!

A quick post to congratulate and celebrate everyone's mabon!

Can someone curse himself?

This is going to be a quick post. I am still thinking about it but couldn't wait to share it.

Is it possible that you have cursed yourself? If it is, why and how would you do that? Is it possible to get a clue about this? If you can be sure about that you successfully cursed yourself then how would you banish that curse? Is it ever possible?

Experiencing a cross condition or a curse or a black magick is really difficult. It involves physical and emotional pain. If you are lucky enough to get out of it, you can tell that it's one of your greatest lessons in your whole lifetime.

Sometimes, people think that they are cursed. They can think that for any reason or for no reason at all. Does that count as a self-curse if you think (that is strongly imagine) you are cursed for no reason at all?

I think anybody can curse himself/herself and that curse may be successful. One option is cursing yourself with strong thought-forms, with or without knowing. Only this can be a good reason why everybody on earth has to be taught metaphysics or basics of magick or how thought and words can influence your life and more.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Telepathic connections with Gods and Goddesses as well as planets

I would like to discuss the possibility and efficiency, and maybe reliability of communicating with gods, goddesses, planets and other forms. I had one experience with Isis like this and one experience with the planets Mercury and Jupiter. On another occasion, I had an experience with Thavael just to receive a keyword.

We do magick through rituals, usually. However, this is not the only connection we can establish with forms or beings or gods and goddesses or planets or alike. It is also possible to communicate with them telepathically. Maybe this is the easiest and most convenient way to communicate once you are accustomed with it.

Let me tell you my own experience. A couple of months ago, I wished to communicate with Isis. I stared at several different statues and paintings or drawings of Isis and then I relaxed, closed my eyes and tried to follow any stimulation or perception in my mind. A couple of minutes later, I perceived a couple of cats in front of me, leading me to somewhere between small pyramids and ancient looking buildings. After some more couple of minutes, I came in front of a building where I can sense the presence of Isis inside. Right there, I had a word in my mind which I did not know before. Then I traveled the same way back and opened my eyes and get myself into Google :)

I googled the word which I was introduced by Isis and was not knowing before. The word came out to be one of the definitions of Isis. I was surprised and I was also glad that I have experienced a real communication. There have been more visits to Isis but I don't want to disclose all of them at this moment.

Another experience was with Jupiter and Mercury. I was in need of some cash. While I was relaxing in the balcony, I thought of Jupiter and Mercury then I sensed their presence in my mind. I told them my situation telepathically and asked for help. The next day, a client of mine made a payment to me. She paid twice as much as she has to pay, which means she paid for two more sessions in advance (regarding a coaching business). Think about it. I am pretty sure that this was one of the famous unexpected gifts from Jupiter, and Mercury in combination.

The experience with Thavael was somehow indirect, at least in the beginning. I met a girl who told me about her own experiences with Thavael and suggested me to try to connect with him. I tried and meditated on a sigil of Thavael. Then I sensed two people in front of me with my mind's eye. They were a couple I guess. There was a figure on the clothing of them (again, I don't want to disclose the figure because it was a key). Then I told the word to my friend and she was shocked because that was exactly what she was after, as a sign regarding Thavael.

So, there are many more experiences like this which I had in the last couple of months. Now, if it is reallt possible to establish a telepathic connection to them, this can be a replacement for ritual magick? Or should that be considered as an entirely different form of a magickal operation?

What do you think?

Integrating reiki and similar energies into your magickal operations

First things first. Let's have a rough look on what reiki and similar energies are and what a magickal operation basically is. Then we could easily understand how and why one can integrate reiki and alike energy systems into her magickal operations.

Reiki is a process directing energy into somebody else's body. This energy is being defined as the universal energy or the universal healing energy. In fact rei means "hi" and reiki means something along the lines with "hello energy" but that's another issue. Anybody who is tense about the meaning of reiki can call the nearest Japanese consulate and ask for what rei means, period.

Let's get back to our topic. Reiki is about directing certain energies into certain people, objects, events, relations etc. That is, reiki is not only used for healing purposes. In other words, healing doesn't only apply to people's physical bodies. The idea and the concept goes beyond alternative methods of medical healing. You can "give" reiki to an object, a broken something for instance, or to a discharged battery, or to a broken harddisk, or to a broken relationship, etc.

So, what we do in a magickal operation? Whether it's ritualistic or it's in any other method or school, we are basically directing energy from one point to another point. We are directing an energy with meaning (like a data packet) to a person's body, to a broken harddisk, to a broken relationship (or to a relationship that we want to break) etc.

Although traditional western magicians and orders usually do not emphasize healing (they even reject the idea of using magick for healing in general, I am not really sure why), that doesn't mean that a magickal operation is all about directing energy.

Once you understand this, you can easily integrate reiki and similar energy techniques into your magickal operations. You can give reiki to your sigils, servitors, candles, ritual tools, stones, and you can also fill them with your intention via the tools that reiki has to offer.

Any reiki master / teacher out there will confirm that reiki can be used to fulfill your wishes and change the cosmos according to your will. They will o course add that you can do this only when your intention is coherent with the good of the universe. They will say that you cannot kill anybody with reiki, the system would not allow that. I am not sure about it. I don't want to kill anybody but I would like to know whether one can really use reiki to make somebody sick or not.

Using reiki in your magickal operations is in fact far more easier than using any other method because reiki does not depend on your own abilities. Any average stupid person out there like me can cure a headache with reiki. Thus, it is possible to direct energy to any positive affirmation or intention or sigil or a servitor whatsoever.

I'll write more about this in the future and I'll answer possible questions about it.
Here will be links to a set of articles that I find useful for magickal practice, tarot readings, psychic readings and alike.