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What really is an attunement and an initiation?

As you may have read one of my recent posts, I am now studying reiki. As I have stated in that post, you have to understand that healing is a broader concept than just being about the physical body, or mental illnesses. You can give reiki to your country. You can give reiki to the economic status of your country. You can give reiki to somebody who wants a relationship or a better relationship. As you can see, reiki look like that it has all the tools any magician wants to have. It works on all three popular horoscope categories: love, money, health.

I have seen that reiki works. So, I don't need any further proof for my mind. However, I would like to understand how it works. Some people say that there are reiki guides that do the job. According to this view, those reiki guides are of course thought-forms. One may call them servitors, others may call them high-teachers. It might be called angels. Another explanation is that it's only the universal healing energy and you are being a channel to it.

But in either way, why in the world you need an attunement to achieve all those things? Why do you need an initiation? Don't think that I do not believe in attunements and initiations. I do believe them. I have seen their effect with my naked eyes. So I believe them but I would like to learn what they simply mean?

Here is what I guess: Remember the famous topic about the brain that we only use a small percentage of our brain. I think attunements and initiations help the individual to use more of their mind-powers. I am not really sure whether mind depends on our physical brain or not. I am not sure about to what extent it depends on our brain if it did. But I am highly inclined to believe that attunements and initiations have something to do with this mind-power or your brain or your capability of your soul.

If this is the case, is it then possible to attune herself?

I guess it is but not on every subject. For using different types of reiki, you have to be attuned. For some other subjects, you must do a research. For instance, dhikr (zikr), and / or mantras (I know they are not the same and I am talking for both of them) may lead you to self attunements on certain areas of mind-power.

Maybe you can attune/intitiate yourself into anything but it would just take much longer in comparison to being attuned / initiated by someone else.

How to try it?

I think one good way of trying to attune yourself to some form of energy or some kind of ability (let's say telekinesis) is asking the attunement from your higher self. Meditate on it, try to go to a deep trance, as deep as you can and try to establish a connection with your higher self. When you believe and perceive a connection between you and your higher self, ask an attunement / initiation from him / her (I am not really sure whether one's higher self has a gender. I don't believe it has). So, what would be a really good experience as an attunement? Here are some examples which I am just making up:

My higher self! Please attune / intitiate me into the powers of Isis.

Now that may be too much and that would not be believable enough for you (at least for me). Let's try this:

My higher self! Please attune / intitiate me into the healing powers of Isis.

My higher self! Please attune / intitiate me into the knowledge of motherhood of Isis.

My higher self! Please attune / intitiate me into the magickal knowledge of Isis.

My higher self! Please attune / intitiate me into the frequency and sympathization of Isis so that I can communicate with her.

I think those experiments would be worth trying and I believe they are safe enough to implement.

Of course there are many more things to tell and discuss about attunements and initiations, but people are discussing them everywhere therefore I don't want to take your time for things that you can also read elsewhere in many different places. I just wanted to begin to tell my take on the subject.

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