Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Telepathic connections with Gods and Goddesses as well as planets

I would like to discuss the possibility and efficiency, and maybe reliability of communicating with gods, goddesses, planets and other forms. I had one experience with Isis like this and one experience with the planets Mercury and Jupiter. On another occasion, I had an experience with Thavael just to receive a keyword.

We do magick through rituals, usually. However, this is not the only connection we can establish with forms or beings or gods and goddesses or planets or alike. It is also possible to communicate with them telepathically. Maybe this is the easiest and most convenient way to communicate once you are accustomed with it.

Let me tell you my own experience. A couple of months ago, I wished to communicate with Isis. I stared at several different statues and paintings or drawings of Isis and then I relaxed, closed my eyes and tried to follow any stimulation or perception in my mind. A couple of minutes later, I perceived a couple of cats in front of me, leading me to somewhere between small pyramids and ancient looking buildings. After some more couple of minutes, I came in front of a building where I can sense the presence of Isis inside. Right there, I had a word in my mind which I did not know before. Then I traveled the same way back and opened my eyes and get myself into Google :)

I googled the word which I was introduced by Isis and was not knowing before. The word came out to be one of the definitions of Isis. I was surprised and I was also glad that I have experienced a real communication. There have been more visits to Isis but I don't want to disclose all of them at this moment.

Another experience was with Jupiter and Mercury. I was in need of some cash. While I was relaxing in the balcony, I thought of Jupiter and Mercury then I sensed their presence in my mind. I told them my situation telepathically and asked for help. The next day, a client of mine made a payment to me. She paid twice as much as she has to pay, which means she paid for two more sessions in advance (regarding a coaching business). Think about it. I am pretty sure that this was one of the famous unexpected gifts from Jupiter, and Mercury in combination.

The experience with Thavael was somehow indirect, at least in the beginning. I met a girl who told me about her own experiences with Thavael and suggested me to try to connect with him. I tried and meditated on a sigil of Thavael. Then I sensed two people in front of me with my mind's eye. They were a couple I guess. There was a figure on the clothing of them (again, I don't want to disclose the figure because it was a key). Then I told the word to my friend and she was shocked because that was exactly what she was after, as a sign regarding Thavael.

So, there are many more experiences like this which I had in the last couple of months. Now, if it is reallt possible to establish a telepathic connection to them, this can be a replacement for ritual magick? Or should that be considered as an entirely different form of a magickal operation?

What do you think?


(b)ananartista orgasmo sbuff said...

so the starting of telephaty is visualization? ... i will try.

chaos magick said...

yes, it's all about visualisation and imagination.

Anonymous said...

i was meditating two days ago and saw the knot of isis and her horn.. can anyone tell me what that might mean.

Erin Crow said...

Ritual magick is ritual. This sounds more like prayer, meditation, and intention all combined. It seems to be a different approach to magick as compared to ritual. I don't see why you can't do both.

Erin Crow said...

Well, you knew it was the knot of Isis and that she has horns sometimes... Maybe you should look into communicating with her or meditating on it.

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