Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Integrating reiki and similar energies into your magickal operations

First things first. Let's have a rough look on what reiki and similar energies are and what a magickal operation basically is. Then we could easily understand how and why one can integrate reiki and alike energy systems into her magickal operations.

Reiki is a process directing energy into somebody else's body. This energy is being defined as the universal energy or the universal healing energy. In fact rei means "hi" and reiki means something along the lines with "hello energy" but that's another issue. Anybody who is tense about the meaning of reiki can call the nearest Japanese consulate and ask for what rei means, period.

Let's get back to our topic. Reiki is about directing certain energies into certain people, objects, events, relations etc. That is, reiki is not only used for healing purposes. In other words, healing doesn't only apply to people's physical bodies. The idea and the concept goes beyond alternative methods of medical healing. You can "give" reiki to an object, a broken something for instance, or to a discharged battery, or to a broken harddisk, or to a broken relationship, etc.

So, what we do in a magickal operation? Whether it's ritualistic or it's in any other method or school, we are basically directing energy from one point to another point. We are directing an energy with meaning (like a data packet) to a person's body, to a broken harddisk, to a broken relationship (or to a relationship that we want to break) etc.

Although traditional western magicians and orders usually do not emphasize healing (they even reject the idea of using magick for healing in general, I am not really sure why), that doesn't mean that a magickal operation is all about directing energy.

Once you understand this, you can easily integrate reiki and similar energy techniques into your magickal operations. You can give reiki to your sigils, servitors, candles, ritual tools, stones, and you can also fill them with your intention via the tools that reiki has to offer.

Any reiki master / teacher out there will confirm that reiki can be used to fulfill your wishes and change the cosmos according to your will. They will o course add that you can do this only when your intention is coherent with the good of the universe. They will say that you cannot kill anybody with reiki, the system would not allow that. I am not sure about it. I don't want to kill anybody but I would like to know whether one can really use reiki to make somebody sick or not.

Using reiki in your magickal operations is in fact far more easier than using any other method because reiki does not depend on your own abilities. Any average stupid person out there like me can cure a headache with reiki. Thus, it is possible to direct energy to any positive affirmation or intention or sigil or a servitor whatsoever.

I'll write more about this in the future and I'll answer possible questions about it.


badwitch said...

Good to see another post on your blog, and on an interesting subject.

chaos magick said...

thank you very much badwitch :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! i found very interesting your post, I would like to learn more about it. Do you know if there is a community or group (in the internet) about Reiki and Chaos? I´m uruguaian but I live in Brazil, and I´ve just receive my Reiki Master. My e-mail is: Thank you and an auspicious day!!!

Anonymous said...

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Cody Peternell said...

Please go into more detail concerning the actual magickal application and integration of Chaos Magick and Reiki. I have studied chaos Magick as well as hold my certificate for my Reiki II, I see the similarities, especially upon receiving my second attunement, but I would like to hear another's opinions and perspective on working with the two together and possibly a side by side comparison. Would you be able to propagate such a post? It would be kindly appreciated.

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