Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Opposite things may happen while a magickal operation is in progress

Previously, I have written about what to do when a magickal operation is in progress, and I tried to mention how to go about "forgetting" your work, not fretting about it, to hold your intention, etc. Now I want to talk about seemingly opposite things that may happen while a magickal operation is in progress.

When you put your magick into work, you have an intention to create change in the physical plane by using your forces in the astral plane. However, you can't always imagine the whole thing. Therefore, forces you use try to make it happen in several ways, including ways that pass through happenings that you don't actually intent to happen. Let's try to clarify that with a simplified example.

Suppose that there is someone you love at school and you are in your last year. You want to do something to keep in touch with him/her. You want to continue to see the person you love daily. You decide to practice magick with that intention. You put your operation into work and then you see that you have failed many exams and thus you have one more year at school so you can see your loved one daily for one more year.

I know the example is oversimplified. However this represents exactly what I want to explain. So, strange and unexpected things may happen during a magickal operation in progress. Most important reason to this is that you didn't imagine the whole process. If you would, less strange and unexpected things would happen.

An awful example to this can be found in the opposition to the famous "Secret". Some people claimed that using the Secret (the Secret is simply imagination) would cause unwanted changes in one's life. In the perspective I have described above, many unwanted, bad things can happen. The mechanism is this: You put an intention and you don't imagine many ways for it to happen. Then "the universe" or whatever you want to call it, tries to find ways to make it happen. Not all of those ways are compatible with your happiness.

So, the best practice would be to enhance your imagination to a point where you add a road map to your goal. If we talk about that using my oversimplified example, you should take into account that if you fail a couple of exams, you will continue to see your loved one and therefore, you should find another road map to achieve your goal. For instance, you can imagine him or her to be transfered to a school in your area.

Well, the example only takes the final outcome into account. There are also things that may happen while the magick is in progress. You may put your intention and "do" your magick and then you can observe things which are seemingly opposite to your imagined outcome. Be patient when that happens. Your magickal operation is in progress and that means it tries to find the best way to make it happen for you. Don't get stressed for what you see in a couple of days. Learn to become still and wait.

In some old schools, people work on a single magickal project for months. They wait for three waning moon periods or three dark moons. Three months in 2008 would look like a very long time for many people who want instant gratification with their magickal work however this is the truth.

I wish I could give more and more examples about this because this is a very important aspect of an ongoing magickal operation but there are many more things to post since I am just back from a vacation. I hope I can provide more examples on a third post about ongoing magickal practices.


badwitch said...

That ties in with the old saying "be careful what you wish for, it might come true" and the famous horror story of "The Monkey's Paw". Yes, I do agree you need to be careful about how you imagine things coming to be when you are working magic.

Ananael Qaa said...

In my experience there's a careful balance that you need to strike when constructing your intent for a ritual. On the one hand, you want to do your best to think like a lawyer and make sure that there aren't any "loopholes" in your intention as in the example above. Magick will generally follow the path of least resistance that fulfills the statement of intent to the letter.

On the other hand, if you specify the means by which your intent will be fulfilled in exacting detail you are limiting the effectiveness of your ritual. Generally speaking, not all unexpected means are detrimental to the spirit of your intention and if one of those turns out to be the path of least resistance the spell will work better if it can manifest along those lines. Visualizing an exact roadmap will eliminate unexpected means, but it may require a bigger probability shift to reach the desired result.

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate more information on this subject of "unintentional manifestation." I've got some doozy examples: Walking up the sidewalk to a hospital front entrance for three weeks, everyday I noticed an older model black Range Rover vehicle near the edge of the side walk. Owning a "new" Silver Range Rover remains a manifestation I desire. After a week or so of noticing the older black Range Rover, I noticed that it's replaced by a new silver Range Rover exactly like the one I imagined and have plastered all around my home. Heck, I manifested the vehicle I wanted for someone else!
Another one: An older, wealthy gentleman interested in me, just like I wanted him to be and I wanted him to marry me and move to Virginia. He moves to Virginia, like I wanted him to but he marries another woman just like me. Again, my scenario exactly. But for someone else!
Oh, there are many other occasions too: my brother's trip to Vegas and the Wynn Hotel that happened for him exactly the way I wanted; my sister's trip to the salon I wanted to visit for a long time; a neighbor making a move exactly like I wanted. The list of these sorts of events "manifestation for others" has been seemingly endless for me!
Why am I accomplishing "magick" or "attraction" for others and not myself? Of course, these events did entertain me but I found them hurtful (because of their exactness) and they made me incredibly jealous. Fortuitously, these events did draw me to this blog and this entry because it was the subject of a burning question for me.

Ananael Qaa said...

My question would be whether or not you have done a ritual for any of these things, or if you have just thought about them and kind of hoped they would come your way. In the former case, you need to examine and redefine your statement of intent, and in the latter case you need to start using actual magick instead of vaguely focused daydreaming.

While the "law of attraction" model can work if your thoughts are exceptionally clear, a problem with the method is that your desire for a specific outcome often gets mixed up with other aspects of your personality. The actual resulting "intent" can include all sorts of other information besides from the desire itself. One way that I could envision something like this happening in your case might be that you have enough talent to manifest the outcomes you want, but in some way you feel unworthy of receiving the benefits. So the things you visualize happen around you rather than to you.

If you are working formal rituals, make sure that your statement of intent explicitly mentions you receiving the thing you are conjuring for. "It is my will to summon a silver Range Rover" is not sufficient. A statement like that could have produced what you experienced since the Range Rover did appear. With this example, the statement would need to be modified so that it includes acquiring and owning said vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Ananael, your last comment is very clear and very easy to understand to answer some questions in mind.

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