Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The difference between Law of Attraction and conventional magick

There was an anonymous comment on the last post and Ananael's answer to that. Let me quote them first:

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate more information on this subject of "unintentional manifestation." I've got some doozy examples: Walking up the sidewalk to a hospital front entrance for three weeks, everyday I noticed an older model black Range Rover vehicle near the edge of the side walk. Owning a "new" Silver Range Rover remains a manifestation I desire. After a week or so of noticing the older black Range Rover, I noticed that it's replaced by a new silver Range Rover exactly like the one I imagined and have plastered all around my home. Heck, I manifested the vehicle I wanted for someone else!

Another one: An older, wealthy gentleman interested in me, just like I wanted him to be and I wanted him to marry me and move to Virginia. He moves to Virginia, like I wanted him to but he marries another woman just like me. Again, my scenario exactly. But for someone else!

Oh, there are many other occasions too: my brother's trip to Vegas and the Wynn Hotel that happened for him exactly the way I wanted; my sister's trip to the salon I wanted to visit for a long time; a neighbor making a move exactly like I wanted. The list of these sorts of events "manifestation for others" has been seemingly endless for me!

Why am I accomplishing "magick" or "attraction" for others and not myself? Of course, these events did entertain me but I found them hurtful (because of their exactness) and they made me incredibly jealous. Fortuitously, these events did draw me to this blog and this entry because it was the subject of a burning question for me.

Ananael answered:

My question would be whether or not you have done a ritual for any of these things, or if you have just thought about them and kind of hoped they would come your way. In the former case, you need to examine and redefine your statement of intent, and in the latter case you need to start using actual magick instead of vaguely focused daydreaming.

While the "law of attraction" model can work if your thoughts are exceptionally clear, a problem with the method is that your desire for a specific outcome often gets mixed up with other aspects of your personality. The actual resulting "intent" can include all sorts of other information besides from the desire itself. One way that I could envision something like this happening in your case might be that you have enough talent to manifest the outcomes you want, but in some way you feel unworthy of receiving the benefits. So the things you visualize happen around you rather than to you.

If you are working formal rituals, make sure that your statement of intent explicitly mentions you receiving the thing you are conjuring for. "It is my will to summon a silver Range Rover" is not sufficient. A statement like that could have produced what you experienced since the Range Rover did appear. With this example, the statement would need to be modified so that it includes acquiring and owning said vehicle.

I had this happening in my personal experience too. I remember once I was using law of attraction to manifest a new notebook computer for myself and that has manifested for a friend of mine within two weeks. She didn't know about my intention.

I think it lies in what Ananael described as " some way you feel unworthy of receiving...". I am pretty sure about this. Here is a short relevant blog post: Psychotherapy can make you a better magician.

Here, we can see the use of entities. I understand that an entity you interact and delegate a certain job is performing far more better than your intention (I mean intention alone). Although you must imagine the outcome, formal rituals ensure that the outcome is not affected by your subconscious mind.

I turned those two comments into a blog post because I am impressed by that.


Ananael Qaa said...

I posted another article on this subject the other day. It seems like I've been writing about it a lot lately.

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