Friday, October 24, 2008

Experiences in magick using affirmations

I have different experiences recently. For the last two days, I started using affirmations. I would like to keep the topic private since it is something personal but that doesn't prevent me to share my experience.

This was similar to concentration and imagination in my mind, but closer to sigilization. I have repeated a sentence tens of times within a day, three or four times in a day. Then I saw some signs of progress. I say signs because that was only a small fraction of what I actually wanted. I accept them as progress because there wasn't any difference before I hold on to my affirmations.

I still wonder how this works. Is it something like nlp? I don't think so because nlp is similar with eft (emotional freedom techniques) and those are very psychological not very magickal. This is similar to law of attraction because in the case of affirmations, you don't need much action too. Then is this a result of "consciousness causes collapse"?

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