Friday, October 24, 2008

The question of subjective and objective reality

When you look at concepts like intention & manifestation, you start thinking about reality. People defending the law of attraction against arguments like "what if everybody wants the same thing" are saying that reality is subjective and there are parallel universes, so everybody is experiencing their own universe. That means, when your intentions are in conflict with somebody else's intentions, they say that you attracted that conflict into your universe.

My intuition tells me that we are living in both of those realities together. It is somehow in harmony. We live in a subjective reality where all of our intentions find their place and manifest, and we also live in an objective reality where this objective reality consists of other's subjective realities. In other words, when you sum up all other people's subjective reality and intentions, what comes out is your objective reality.

When you think like this, you can explain almost everything. There is a God that is manifested by billions of people's intentions. This God may play an important role in your life as part of an objective reality. We have something like gravity which can also be considered as an objective reality because it may have been manifested by all of us. So strong that only a handful of people can stay away.

A combination of subjective reality and an objective reality which is created (manifested) by other people makes sense to me. Let's play with this. If I go to fight with a magician who is stronger than me, I may fail. What makes him stronger than me? I think his strength comes from the size of his subjective reality. Ok, let's compare this with less freudian terms. If a magician's subjective reality (that is his power of intention, imagination, knowledge, etc.) is more stable than mine, or if his subjective reality is more dominant than mine, he can beat me and win the fight. My plan and design and intentions in my subjective reality is not sufficient because there is this objective reality for me which consists of other people's subjectivity including this magicians.

I am not sure if I could make myself clear...


badwitch said...

Yes, that was clear - and made a lot of sense.

rodmanicus said...

I can agree with this idea. It helps with the thoughts of complete unity with all, and our own individuality.

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