Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Energy and directing energy

When it comes to magick, we talk about energy. On one hand, the energy we are talking about is the same energy in physics but on the other hand there is more than that to it.

Practicing magick means directing certain energies in order to achieve change in the physical plane. You do that by a metaphysical process.

For instance, when you do sex magick, you try to direct the energy that comes from the sexual act. This occurs both on the physical and the metaphysical plane.

I know it is not easy to understand. I am still suspicious about what kind of an energy is directed in sex magic and how it is directed. I can't seem to get that completely.

But I can get this: When I try to create a headache in my head, I am usually successful on that. When you try to create a headache on any other person, most probably you will be successful on that too. The mechanism is not that important. You don't know how electricity works but you use it anyway.

So far, it is necessary and sufficient to know that magick plays with someone's internal energies and it also plays with many of the external energies.

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