Thursday, July 31, 2008

What then is magick?

I have posted a definition on chaos magick and then not posted anything about what magick is. Magick is creation. It is so simple. Since it means creation, every form of creation can be considered as magick.

So, it is not the most true definition of magick if only wands, harry potter, pots come to your mind. It is also a magickal act when you just ask for something anyhow from anybody.

Therefore, what is told in the book the Secret also counts as magick.

Of course, there are different types of magickal work. There are rituals, there are a whole lot metaphysical aspects of magick.

Magick is also very much related with consciousness. It, in fact means, conscious creation. People do create many things through the day. We are mostly not aware about all we create. Magick is conscious creation. You create and you are aware of your creation, now that is called magick.

It is that simple.

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