Saturday, September 13, 2008

Psychic readings can determine your future

You have to be very careful when it comes to tarot readings or any kind of psychic readings because it can determine your future. If you are interested in magickal practice, then you should already know that your thoughts and your intention play the greatest role in manifestation. When you go to someone for a psychic reading or a tarot reading, now this power of thought and intention at least doubles.

Suppose that you have a question about your loved one. You are curious about what will happen in the future with him or her. You decide to go for a tarot reading. You met with a psychic, a medium and you start a fortune telling together (by any mean). This scene is more powerful than one person determining the future with his own thoughts and intentions.

Tarot cards are already powerful. They have a power of themselves. In addition to that, interpretation of cards also adds up to the accuracy and the power of a psychic reading. Therefore, when a person makes a false interpretation of a tarot card, it adds up to the future creation too. Moreover, if the person makes a positive interpretation regardless of the interpretation being right or wrong, it is still a powerful manifestation tool because of two facts: 1. The psychic engages in shaping your future with his own thoughts. 2. You believe and trust him so that what he tells is the truth about the future. Then your belief determines your future.

Human beings themselves are more important than cards and crystal balls because they are more powerful in creating the future, manifesting their intentions and changing physical reality.

Therefore, many powerful and successful psychic readers and mediums and tarot readers do intervene in the interpretation of what they see. They now they have the power to shape the future and therefore they try to extract all the positive meanings from their reading. That's a good thing. This is the right thing to do. This is the best practice when you engage in fortune telling.

Since this is something which would change your future, trust your intuition and don't go with people who are dominantly pessimistic or negative in nature. If you can't find anyone you can trust in that, do your readings by yourself and add lots of intuition, intention and thought into it. Psychic readings and tarot readings can be charged too.

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