Thursday, January 6, 2011

Magick by using the evolution of the spirit

This can be done for purposes regarding one's own life. If the theories about the evolution of the spirit are true then it may be possible to create change in one's life just by thinking about conditions and trying to understand them. To better understand what that means, let's summarize spiritism in the sense of evolution of the spirit.

Spiritism says that every person comes to this life (reeincarnation) over and over to evolve and understand. This understanding covers everything in one's life. The conditions in which a person lives is determined by the terms according to his/her specific needs for evolution of his/her spirit. And when the person understands his/her lesson on that particular subject, conditions change.

So, for example, assume that you are in a relationship which goes really unhappy. If you take the time and meditate on your relationship with a question in mind such as "why, why on earth do I have to live through this" and if you can achieve to understand the message there, your relationship might change.

By saying "message" I don't mean a new agee approach. First of all, there is no single message in one's life span and there is no single aim of life, at least in my opinion. What I mean is a real advancement of your psyche. According to spiritism, you come across events where your spirit will be developed by them. If you try to speed up the process in which you get the hang of things a little faster, then your life will unfold towards better experiences. At least on those areas where you "suffer" now.

Since this work leads to a change in your environent and in events, people, etc. you are surrounded by, you can call this magick too.

Happy new year, by the way.


Pallas Renatus said...

This reminded me of a lecture from Chasing Hermes on the nature of Evil, and its place in the world as a "soul-evolving mechanism". It was interesting to note that our efforts to overcome suffering, rather than the suffering itself, are what spur us along spiritually.

chaos magick said...

thank you pallas. "our efforts to overcome suffering" is only possible when the effort is towards understanding the conditions, the situation and our inner process.

suffering is not a necessity to evolve.

warlock said...

I've found over the years that I've done personal and magickal work that the nature of the 'message' I've got from various situations has changed. Early on it would often be a specific, cognitive, bit of learning - I would suddenly realise "Hang on a minute, this is a *dreadful* way to behave in a relationship, I won't do that again" and I'd find a pattern would be broken, and I'd get 'luckier'.

As time has gone on, and 'the work' has got trickier, I find I'm less often able to verbalise the message - the new learning is just an inner understanding, I 'feel' slightly different, hold myself differently in the world. Some might describe it as being 'energetically different'. These more subtle messages tend to come more through meditation and direct magickal experience rather than simply 'figuring things out' the way I used to learn when younger. Of course, that does make them a little frustrating - it's relatively easy to read, learn, think and understanding... deeper realisations are less at our beck and call.

I also strongly believe that regular magickal practice (even if it's just a daily banishing ritual) accelerates the rate at which we are confronted with our 'issues' giving us the chance to free ourselves and evolve more rapidly. The process, however, can be exhausting - and is probably why regular magickal practice is often difficult to sustain for long periods. It tends to make life a little too... lively.

chaos magick said...

imho, the degree to what kind of emotional and mental work is necessary to create change depends on the north node in one's natal chart. apart from that, since the progress one makes in this life may differ, areas of concentration should change through time too.

the specific difference about "meditation and direct magickal experience rather than simply 'figuring things out'" would show itself in the house and sign where your north node stays.

The Box Dungeon said...

I would so love to speed up the process! I am using my own form of Chaos Magick, which pretty much fits all, that I call The Box Dungeon. You find any old text box, or anything you can type in, type in what you want, then erase everything in the box. When you erase everything in the box, then it goes into an unseen realm, where it works it's magic, which most people would just call Chaos.

Maybe I can use this to speed up the process?

Pissed Off said...

Are you still here?

Pissed Off said...

Hope you are well

Chaos Magick said...

Hi, yes I am still here. I'm sorry for this very late reply but it happens. I'll try to continue posting very soon.

Pissed Off said...

No worries.

Anonymous said...

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Chaos Magick said...

Thank you Pallas. I am also running a website on chaos magick. I found your blog interesting. But are you not updating it regularly. I see the last post was posted in 2015

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