Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rising on the planes 2

Previously, I have written about Seta. I have explained how we met and what she taught about. Now, in this second part, I am going to delve into practical magick right away. This is not the sequence which Seta followed while she taught me everything but the sequence doesn't have an importance right now. We'll begin with love spells. Magick about romantic and erotic affairs. Let's begin with some conceptual framework. The following explanations belong to Seta. I just paraphrased them mildly because like I have told you in my last post, our conversation in the beginning was way too mechanical.

Love, according to your era is all about miscommunication. Therefore, you need to get the help of Mercury as well as Venus when you will engage with love spells and/or talismans. You need to construct a story where Mercurial and Venusian forces affect the objective. For instance, a basic construct of a love talisman should look like this:

In this picture, the pentagram stands for the direction of power or energy which flows from Venus and Mercury down to a person who's name is Laurelle. The pentagram is green because of the traditional color of Venus. The name in the center of the pentagram is mirrored. It represents that we are going to affect the person on a deeper, more spiritual level. In other words, we are going to do this operation on the other side of the mirror. Then, the Laurelle we are working on will be affected in the mundane world (may be considered as malkuth, tough not quite the same thing).

This is the talisman. You have to add another name if you are not the one who wants Laurelle but only doing this, let's say, for a friend. In that case, your friend's name is to be added somewhere between the mirrored Laurelle and the planetary symbols.

The talisman is to be prepared on a Friday (Venus) morning, or a Tuesday (beginning of Mars' day) evening. Then you have to make up your mantra and meditate on it for seven days (why seven? because venus is still the most important planetary force in that operation). You should expect the effects within 21 days.

You should make up your own mantra and you should use your native language but you should use the logic in sigils while preparing your mantra. The more meaningless, the better the outcome. For instance, you can mix the names Laurelle, Venus, Mercury, Love, and your name in a fashion where you can produce a special mantra just for this operation. And there must be a short vibration. Let's have a look at our example:

With Laurelle, Venus, Mercury, Love and my name Chaos, I have those letters (using the logic for a sigil): L, R, V, N, S, M, C, Y, H. Let's move on from there and create this mantra: CYHAN SAOMEE LAARVIAN. It's ok to make up and add some random vowels. You should repeat that mantra each day a certain number of times, which should be determined by a certain rule such as the multiplication of your age and her age. For instance, if you are 27 and Laurelle is 24, you should repeat your mantra 24x27 = 648 times a day for seven days.

There are no entities, no thought-forms, no creatures of any kind involved in this type of an operation. It just works with your energy with the help of the planetary forces.

It would be more powerful if you take your time and do some breathing exercises before you begin each ritual.

In fact, if you are talented and experienced enough, everything can be accomplished by sitting before a huge pentagram and meditating on the desired outcome. However, most people cannot concentrate on that level.

That was a simple magickal operation, a love spell, as described by Seta. I'll add more of them as soon as possible.


N said...

Interesting work. You do know that this amounts to spiritual rape right? That spell is pretty ingenious though, I must admit. The spell infuses the target's aura with the love or lust energy. If the target is receptive to the energy, it will manifest. If however the target cannot be compatible with the directed energy, it will be rejected like a bad transplant, damaging their aura. A wound like that would bleed into their life and wreak havoc. The spells essentially is a love me or suffer kind of deal. It's nasty, but I like it. It seems especially useful in a situation where someone just needs a little push into something they'd probably like.

From a purely practical stance, even chaos magicians should be wary of slinging magick around to wound. If you've reached the point where magick is the only way to obtain someone's heart or bed, then you're not a very good chaos magician. Aren't we supposed to be cleverer than that? Besides, that kind of desperation makes the rest of us look bad. Just because we're transcending traditional morality doesn't mean we should act out every impulse we get. That doesn't set us free at all but makes us a slave to the artificial ego construct. I see chaos magick as the most honest magickal attempt at personal freedom, and that is what should be our core motivation.

chaos magick said...

N, you are right and thank you for your comment, this is educative.

I have written this post with the intent of showing a magical perspective. My excuse would be that people are able to find this kind of work anywhere on the web and I believe this one is a better, leaner representation of ways which magic works.

Maybe I should clearly emphasize the point that this kind of operation is not really chaos magick.

mag-x said...

Hmm you got me here. I was always interested in chaos magick but never never understood it realy. Might continue to read your blog you seem to understand this pretty good.

220 said...

I don't really consider this kind of modern folk magic to be chaos magick really.

Pabb said...

Was Seta okay with you posting this for everyone to see? From the short description of your encounter in part one, it sounded like this was for you only.

Anyway, back to misfiring magic into any interesting result except what I was actually aiming for ^-^

The Infinity Netwok said...

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